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Why Cycling Frog THC+CBD seltzers are a hop above

Cycling Frog
Presented ByCycling FrogPublished on March 31, 2022 · Last updated July 13, 2022
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Why this is the drink you want in your hand.

People are social creatures. We like to get together, and tend to have a drink in our hand while we do it. There’s just something about having a cold, refreshing beverage to sip on while you’re unwinding that feels right.

A beer or hard seltzer is the typical choice to scratch that itch, but we’re all familiar with alcohol’s unfortunate drawbacks, whether a hangover, beer bloat, or a high calorie count top your list. Choosing a drink that loses the alcohol generally means you’re ditching the buzz, so how do you avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

Enter cannabis drinks. But more specifically, enter the THC+CBD seltzers from Cycling Frog, a brand with its sights set on properly equipping you for a good time. Here’s what you need to know to go forth and sip prosperously.

Cannabis for all

Drinkable THC that fits the bill as an accessible & easy-going social beverage has been a bit of a tough code to crack, but Cycling Frog’s take nails a few key factors that make all the difference.

THC+CBD seltzers
Courtesy of Cycling Frog

Let’s talk about format: anyone who’s consumed cannabis before can tell you that it does the buzz part quite well, but passing a joint—a social ritual in its own right—doesn’t take care of the drink-in-hand need. A good-tasting beverage that delivers an enjoyable high is what you want, but the path can be littered with syrupy, weed-tasting cannabis drinks and too high potencies that don’t jive with much other than melting into your couch.

Crisp, light, and bubbly, Cycling Frog’s THC+CBD seltzers offer the taste & drinkability you want from a social beverage that belongs in the same cooler as your light beers and hard seltzers. Not only are they free of that, “wow, there’s weed in here,” flavor, but the all-natural fruit juice in the Wild Cherry and Black Currant varieties available comes through to help them live up to their, “wildly drinkable” tagline.

So drinkable you’ll likely want more than one, Cycling Frog’s THC+CBD seltzers are thoughtfully dosed to let you do just that. With 5mg delta-9 THC and 10mg CBD per can, Cycling Frog seltzers give you full spectrum goodness with THC and CBD working together to provide a full-body unwind and a mild, intoxicating buzz.

THC+CBD seltzers
Courtesy of Cycling Frog

Starting low and going slow is the trick with any cannabis you consume, but once you know your tolerance and how Cycling Frog seltzers interact with your body, it’s likely you’ll be able to have multiple cans over the course of an evening or event, just like you’d do with other drinks. This isn’t the kind of edible that’s meant to send you into a different dimension—you’ll be comfortably planted in the here and now with a sessionable social buzz that’s suitable for your kid’s soccer game. And at 50 calories per can, grabbing a second feels better than with your average IPA.

Sweetening the deal, it doesn’t take a special dispensary trip or even living in a state with recreationally legal cannabis to enjoy Cycling Frog. Cycling Frog seltzers are made from hemp grown on their Central Oregon farms—because they contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC per dry weight, they’re compliant under the 2018 Farm Bill and legal on the federal level. That means they can be shipped to most states nationwide, making it even easier to stock your fridge for the next good time.

A ride with Cycling Frog

Cycling Frog shipped a six-pack so that this writer could take a ride and report back. Here’s what I found:

When I consume cannabis in any form, whether or not it’s CBD- or THC-focused, my main goal is to chill. Daily life is stressful, and while some folks want their THC to amp them up, I need it to help me unwind. Fortunately for me, the side of the box says this is precisely: “designed to help you unwind, let loose…” Challenge accepted, Cycling Frog.

I made a bag of popcorn, queued up The Little Mermaid (per the request of my toddler), and grabbed a properly chilled seltzer from the fridge. Sipping and settling in, the experience was very much what I was expecting and hoping for. Pretty quickly I noticed the familiar relaxing effect of the CBD settling my nerves, the tension in my back and neck letting go. The 5mg of THC had a welcome presence too; I could feel my mind unclutter a bit and actually felt more present in the moment, ignoring my phone, and instead focusing on whatever these fish were singing about.

THC+CBD seltzers
Courtesy of Cycling Frog

At the same time, I never felt so affected by the drink that I felt hindered in doing anything. I was comfortable but didn’t feel like I was at risk for straight-up melting into the couch. Somewhere near the middle of the movie, I had another one (popcorn is salty stuff, when you make it right) and still felt very lucid and able, but relaxed as I wanted to be.

In terms of just outright drinkability, Cycling Frog sits right up there with the better seltzers I’ve had (none of them including THC or CBD), and this is coming from someone who drinks their fair share of seltzers. The all-natural fruit juice really shines through: The Wild Cherry THC is crisp and has a tart-yet-sweet cherry flavor, along with hints of pear, cinnamon, and citrus, giving it a little bit of bite. It’s a little bit spicy, too, but doesn’t have the intense “Ah, I can really taste the cannabis in this,” effect that some products have, which means it doesn’t come across as overwhelming.

Even the packaging is clean and crisp. The six-pack cardboard box features a silhouette of the brand logo (a frog on a penny-farthing bicycle) set against a mellow pink background. The cans are tall and thin, which—at least to this writer—are preferable both in appearance and in tactile experience. Holding a tall thin can simply feels better in the hand than a short and squat one.

As I sat down to type this, I found myself cracking another one: clearly the Cycling Frog state of mind is easy to love.

Ready to take a ride with Cycling Frog? Grab a six-pack and see for yourself.

Cycling Frog
Presented ByCycling Frog
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