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10 Best Amsterdam Cannabis Coffeeshops to Visit

Amsterdam has one cannabis coffeeshop for every 4,907 residents—but these 10 stand out as the best ones to experience next time you're in the Netherlands.

What Does the Future Hold for Cannabis Coffeeshops?

By banning public use, states may be missing an opportunity to promote responsible behavior while hindering cannabis-related tourism.

The Problems Plaguing Cannabis Coffeeshops

The evolution of Dutch coffeeshops has led to the paradox that while cannabis sales are legal, coffeeshops are still supplied via an illegal production system.

How Are ‘Coffeeshops’ Different From ‘Coffee Shops’?

What's the difference between coffeeshops and coffee houses, and how does the Dutch government properly regulate these cannabis-friendly establishments?

The History of Dutch Cannabis Coffeeshops

Explore how Amsterdam's famous cannabis coffeeshops emerged in the Netherlands and the various changes they have undergone over time.

Wake and Bake in Los Angeles’ Members-Only Cannabis Café

Opened in fall 2016, the cannabis-friendly Wake and Bake Breakfast Club in Los Angeles has 140 members that come in to enjoy pour over coffee and pre-rolls.

Dutch Lawmakers Extend Tolerance Policy to Cannabis Cultivation

Buying small amounts of cannabis at coffeeshops has long been tolerated, but cultivating and selling to the coffeeshops themselves has remained illegal.

Dutch ‘Tolerance Festival’ Will Bring Cannabis Activism to The Hague

Organizers are planning a massive event at the seat of Dutch government in order to pressure officials to expand the country's cannabis program.

Organizers Launch Grass Poll, Largest Cannabis Consumer Survey in Dutch History

A roving team of pollsters dressed in bright yellow sweaters is conducting a survey to help inform the country's policy debate. Tell them what you think.

Largest Dutch Political Party Wants to Overhaul Cannabis Laws

For more than 20 years, the VVD has supported a repressive cannabis policy, blocking any effort to decriminalize cannabis production. No longer.

Detained in Thailand, Cannabis Coffeeshop Pioneer Asks Dutch King for Rescue

Johan van Laarhoven, who faces a 103-year sentence in Thailand, has written a letter to Dutch King Willem-Alexander pleading to be freed from “this Thai hell.”

Meet the Woman Reinventing Dutch Coffeeshops

She's one of the most successful, innovative entrepreneurs in Dutch cannabis. And she's promising to shake up the industry.

Majority in Dutch Parliament Supports Legalizing Commercial Cultivation

A breakthrough alliance between political parties could finally fill gaping holes in policies around The Netherlands' famous cannabis coffeeshops.

Meet Holland’s Best Known (Illegal) Cannabis Farmer

Doede De Jong is fighting a longtime paradox in the Netherlands that allows cannabis sales at coffeeshops but prohibits cultivation.

Pressure Mounts as Dutch Coffeeshop Pioneer Languishes in Thai Prison

Johan van Laarhoven faces a 103-year jail sentence in Thailand despite never having committed a crime in that country.

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