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Big Democrats Join Big Wall Street Cannabis Firm

Northern Swan brings on ex-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, perhaps to knock down a few pesky cannabis export laws.

The Worst Drug War in the World: Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno on Colombia’s Trauma

The Drug Policy Alliance executive director and author of 'There Are No Dead Here' discusses legalization and life after (drug) wartime.

Colombia Wants to Supply the World with Cannabis

With its equatorial sun, tropical rain, and permissive shipping regulations, Colombia is ready to lead the world cannabis market.

Colombia’s Cannabis Scene Is Currently the Best in the World. Visit Before That Changes

With white sand beaches, postcard-perfect mountain towns, and copious cannabis, Colombia is the ultimate cannabis travel destination—but that could change.

Longest Strike in Colombia’s History Dries Up Bogotá’s Cannabis Supply

Multiple social and political factors have converged in Colombia, leading to cannabis shortages and skyrocketing prices.

State of the Leaf: Illinois Gets New Qualifying Condition, and the Battle for California Begins

A conservative Delaware state senator calls for full legalization, Montana dispensaries dealt a major setback, and former FARC guerrillas get behind Colombia's first legal grow.

Women in Cannabis: Paola Pineda Is Bogota’s Top Cannabis Doc

Hailed by the press as "the cannabis doctor," this 37-year-old surgeon is helping legitimize medical cannabis in Colombia.

Colombia Close to Legalizing Medical Cannabis

The bill still needs the signature of President Juan Manuel Santos to become the law of the land.

Trouble in Bogota: How the Risks of Homemade Cannabis Remedies Are Being Felt in Colombia

Those who need healing could become victims of fake products, similar to the peddling of unregulated CBD products that goes on every day in the United States.

State of the Leaf: Support Up in Florida and Pennsylvania, Moderate in Massachusetts

On the international front, the Global Cannabis Campaign saw traction in Colombia and South Africa, while Canada’s cracking down and Australia introduced medical legislation.

Colombian President Signs Decree Legalizing Medical Cannabis

With a decree Tuesday, the Colombian president fully legalized medical cannabis and set out regulations for its production and distribution.

Florida’s Recreational Push Dies But a Medical Amendment Thrives: The Leafly Roundup

What a beautiful and progressive year it’s been – can we keep the momentum for cannabis legalization going through 2016? Catch up on the latest legalization news with our roundup!

Montana Can’t Decide Whether to Embrace or Reject Cannabis Initiatives: The Leafly Legalization Roundup

With so many states looking towards legalization, Montana is on the fence about whether to amend their medical program, legalize recreationally, or ban cannabis in the state entirely.

Colombia Releases Plans for New Cannabis Cultivation Program

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will sign an executive decree legalizing the cultivation and sale of cannabis, regulating all aspects of a new medical marijuana program.

The Leafly Legalization Roundup: Guess Which Plant Drug Cartels Are Growing Instead of Cannabis?

In this week's roundup, we learn that the U.S.’s cannabis is so high-quality that drug cartels not only prefer our crops, they've also turned to subsidizing tomatoes to make ends meet.

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