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Is FDA-Approved Cannabidiol a Blessing or Curse?

As the marijuana molecule cannabidiol nears FDA-approval, parents who for years have used cannabis to treat severe forms of epilepsy in their children are feeling more cautious than celebratory.

Bill to End Federal Cannabis War Gathers Steam

Momentum builds for the Gardner-Warren STATES Act, as the governors of 12 states sign on.

White, Milk, or Dark? Colorado’s Top Chocolate Edibles

The only thing better than chocolate is chocolate infused with cannabis.

President Trump Will ‘Probably’ Back STATES Act to End Federal Prohibition

President Trump came out in support of the STATES Act to end federal marijuana prohibition in states that have legalized cannabis.

Sen. Cory Gardner: How a Prohibitionist Became Legalization’s Defender

The primary Republican co-sponsor of the STATES Act cut a deal with Trump that could end federal cannabis prohibition. But...why?

FAQ: What the STATES Act Would Do, and Why It’s a Game-Changer

This historic bill could end federal prohibition. Here's everything you need to know.

Colorado Gov. Vetoes Autism as Medical Marijuana Condition

Gov. Hickenlooper was on the fence, but ultimately rejected the bill due to lack of research.

Marijuana ‘Tasting Rooms’ Bill Dies With Colorado Gov.’s Veto

Colorado continues to lag behind California in allowing adults to gather and consume cannabis in designated public spaces, similar to taverns and wine tasting rooms.

Cannabis Sponsors Half of Colorado’s Adopt-a-Highway Signs

Next time you’re headed down a highway in Colorado, take a look at who’s keeping that roadway clean. There’s a solid chance it’s the cannabis industry.

At Denver’s Coffee Joint, Cannasseurs Enjoy the Bean and the Leaf

Visitors and locals now have a public place to enjoy cannabis in Denver: The Coffee Joint offers a welcoming space and community.

Here’s What Really Happens to Drug Dogs in Legal Cannabis States

No, cannabis legalization does not mean mass execution of K-9 units. We checked.

Early California Cannabis Tax Revenue Is Less Than Expected

Stores that were open did well, but there weren't many open stores. So tax revenue didn't meet the forecast.

‘Cannabist’ Founder Submits Bid to Buy the Franchise From the Denver Post

Founding editor Ricardo Baca says he's submitting a letter of intent this week to buy The Cannabist. He's also exploring partnerships with traditional media companies.

Cannabis Industry Pleads Its Case Against Possible Texas CBD Ban

The confusion began in March, when the state Department of State Health Services announced a draft plan to yank CBD products from shelves — even if they contain no THC and aren't marijuana derivatives.

Denver Post Reportedly Cuts All Editorial Staff at The Cannabist

The pioneering cannabis news vertical 'caught lightning in a bottle,' but hedge fund owners gut it nonetheless.

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