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Western Slope Cannabis Expo

July 22nd Western Slope Cannabis Expo During the event you can plan cannabis friendly events, get a professional tattoo, learn […]

5 Things to Know Before Using Medical Cannabis for Your Pets

A growing number of veterinarians believe cannabis can effectively treating an array of ailments—but laws make it nearly impossible to discuss.

A Quick Guide to Denver’s Proposed Cannabis Club Rules

No alcohol, show your ID, and you'll need to sign a waiver. Also, the venue's neighbors have to be cool with the idea.

Happy Chews Edibles Will Put a Low-Dose Smile on Your Face

Available in Colorado, these 5mg taffies deliver bite-sized, low-dose bliss, making them an ideal edible for new or inexperienced cannabis consumers.

These Are the 5 Best High Brunches in Denver

We visited the Mile High City to track down the five best high brunches citywide. Looking for the best bacon after a blunt? We've got you covered.

1st Annual Institute of Cannabis Research Conference

April 28th-30th 1st Annual Institute of Cannabis Research Conference On June 6, 2016, Governor John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 16-191 […]

A ‘Higher’ Calling: Inside Denver’s International Church of Cannabis

A Colorado religious non-profit organization aims to educate and enlighten those who believe the use of cannabis as a sacrament can simulate ascension to a higher state of being.

Colorado Cannabis Industry Sets Sales Records in Early ’17

Colorado's cannabis industry — one of the most mature in the nation — continues to thrive, posting record-setting sales figures through the first two months of 2017.

State of the Leaf: Congressman Urges Trump to Respect State Cannabis

State of the Leaf is Leafly’s weekly roundup of legalization news from around the nation and the world.

High Holiday (420) Kickoff

High Holiday (420) Kickoff April 14th Taking BOTH sides of City-Hall for our largest event to date. Join thousands of […]

Colorado Cannabis Week

April 14th-22nd Colorado Cannabis Week Colorado Cannabis Tours will make your 2017 4/20 Denver Experience eventful yet hassle-free. Sit back […]

Colorado Backs Off Plans for Cannabis Clubs

Colorado lawmakers have backed off plans to regulate cannabis clubs, saying the state would invite a federal crackdown

State of the Leaf: Colorado Bans Co-ops, May Shelter Cannabis From Feds

State of the Leaf is Leafly’s weekly roundup of legalization news from around the nation and the world.

Colorado Set to Prohibit Cannabis Co-op Growing Operations

Colorado is set to ban cannabis growing co-ops after the state Senate unanimously approved a bill making it a crime for people to grow cannabis for others.

Colorado Will Allow Medical Cannabis Use While Awaiting Trial

A new law signed Thursday overturns a ban on medical cannabis use by people awaiting trial.

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