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Which Universities in Canada Consume the Most Cannabis?

How prevalent is cannabis on Canadian university campuses? A new survey has answers.

Nearly Half of All Americans Have Tried Cannabis, Poll Finds

A new Gallup poll found that 45% of Americans have tried cannabis at least once, the highest percentage since Gallup began asking the question in 1969.

Cannabis Social Clubs Are Illegal, Alaska AG Says

Alaska's attorney general says marijuana social clubs are illegal, addressing what had been a hazy area following the state's adult-use legalization.

I Spent 3 Hours on Loopr, Denver’s New Dab Bus. Here’s Who I Met.

I romped around Denver rolling joints, taking dabs, making friends, and dancing in a smoked-out club on wheels.

Barcelona’s First Female Mayor Grants Amnesty to Cannabis Clubs, but Will It Stick?

The mayor this week allowed more than 100 clubs that were slated for permanent closure to remain open and continue cultivating and distributing cannabis.

State of the Leaf: Alaska OKs Cannabis Clubs, and Vancouver Licenses its First Dispensary

It's crunch time in Michigan, a Tennessee politician could face charges for cultivation, and Macedonia will offer cannabis in pharmacies.

Alaska to Become the First State with Legal Cannabis Cafés

Businesses allowing onsite consumption could become part of the state's cannabis culture as soon as this summer.

Denver May Create Law to Allow Cannabis Consumption at Restaurants and Bars

Colorado tourists visit to legally buy cannabis, but there’s no public place to consume their purchases. The city is considering a fix to make both consumers and businesses happy.

Cannabis Consumption Increases in the U.S., with One Surprising State Taking the #1 Spot

A new National Survey on Drug Use and Health offered a surprising #1 consumer of cannabis in the United States. Guess which state topped the list?