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9 Cannabis Posters to Hang on Your Wall Right Now

Cannabis prints and posters don't have to be stoney smileys and tie-dye pot leaves. Check out our picks of cool cannabis posters that break the mold.

How One Painting Class Is Bringing Art, Cannabis, and People Together

This is Puff, Pass & Paint, a series of classes designed to awaken the artist in everyone with a little help from cannabis.

The Bellyak: How a Highdea Became an Actual Invention

We talk to the creative mind behind the Bellyak—an innovative kayak design inspired by cannabis and a hefty dose of adventure.

The Spark: Portugal. The Man’s Kyle O’Quin on Creativity and Pairing Beethoven With Blue Dream

Portugal. The Man's Kyle O'Quin tells Leafly about how the band uses cannabis, that one time they got too high onstage, and how delicious his edibles are.

The Spark: Watch Cannabis Inspire Rey Jaffet’s Massive ‘Strength of Strains’ Mural

We chatted with Alejandro Canto, owner of dispensary Diego Pellicer, and Rey Jaffet, the muralist who painted a 10-story work on its walls, about cannabis and creativity.

7 Gorgeous Pipes Made From Natural Materials

Explore a variety of unique cannabis pipes made from natural materials that will make your smoking experience completely individual.

The Spark: How Masked Musician Noise Cans Uses Cannabis to Inspire His Sound

In an interview coupled with stunning photos, masked Bermudian mystery musician Noise Cans talks cannabis, creativity, personal style, and a wish for peace.

The Spark: How a Curator Matches Art With Cannabis Strains

Cannabis packaging is branching out in radically new directions. We sat down with a cannabis art curator to talk creativity and how art can embody a strain.

High DIY: 15 Creative Ways to Decorate a Lighter

Everyone loves an awesome lighter. Why not make one of your very own? Here, we show you how to create 15 unique lighter designs using simple craft supplies.

6 Creative Cannabis Art Pieces Stepping Away From Tie-Dye

People have been using cannabis to enhance their creativity for years. Check out these artists' creations inspired by our favorite plant.

8 Adult Coloring Books That Are Way Better While High

Adult coloring books are an amazing way to de-stress. Get your creative juices flowing with some of the best ones on the market—they're better while high.

Buds and Bass: An Interview With Dim Mak’s MORTEN

We talked to Denmark’s DJ Morten Breum (or MORTEN) about his music career, cannabis and creativity, and his take on where the industry is going.

Cannabis Florists Can Make the Bud Bouquet of Your Dreams

Wedding season is just around the corner, so we talk with a canna-florist to see how you can incorporate cannabis into your big day.

Roll With It: Creative Joint Artists Showcase Their Best Work

The art of joint rolling has become a fun yet competitive game in the cannabis world. We showcase the best of the best!

Tokeativity Workshop: Create an Empowering 2017 Vision Board with Collage

Cannabis’ appearance in the arts has changed over time as legalization brings it into the light. What was once a saturated market of psychedelic pot…

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