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10 Excellent Portable Dry-Herb Vaporizers

With cutting-edge technology and quality to boot, vape your cannabis flower in style with these excellent portable dry-herb vaporizers.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis can create a wide variety of experiences, which you can curate to your liking if you approach the plant with mindfulness. Here's how.

Maximizing CBD’s Effects and Benefits: 5 Experts Weigh In

We assembled a panel of five experts in different areas of the cannabis space to weigh in on whole plant medicine and its impact on CBD’s benefits.

Product Review: The Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer

Read Leafly's review of the Firefly 2 portable vaporizer and learn more about how it operates, the vaping experience, and our verdict.

5 Experts Weigh in on Cannabis Concentrates and How to Use Them

Learn more about cannabis concentrates from 5 industry experts including what to consider when buying, how to use them, and how they compare to flower.

Firefly 2: The Dynamic Convection Vaporizer Pushing the Industry Forward

Find out how the Firefly dynamic convection vaporizer concept was conceived, and learn more about how the Firefly 2 will continue to revolutionize vaping.

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pro-Cannabis Pop

For this Father’s Day, we've highlighted a few cannabis products that your dad would love. These gift ideas are great for both newcomers and seasoned consumers.

Faster, Slimmer, Lighter Firefly 2 to Debut in Las Vegas

Co-founders Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson are scheduled to introduce Firefly2 at the CHAMPS Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

The Future of Cannabis Vaporizers

Let’s take a look at how advanced technology has changed the cannabis vaping experience and what cannabis vaporization will look like in the not-too-distant future.