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Product Review: The Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer

Published on September 29, 2016 · Last updated September 14, 2022

Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the Firefly 2 portable vaporizer.

The Firefly 2 at a Glance

Product Type: Dry herb and concentrate portable vaporizer

Manufacturer: Firefly

Price: $329.95

Features: Fast-charge battery, customizable temperature settings, convection heating, interchangeable magnetic faceplates

Includes: Firefly 2 vaporizer, 2 rechargeable batteries, charging dock, USB 3.0 cable, cleaning kit, 3 concentrate pads

Initial Impressions

The Firefly 2 is the latest flagship entry in portable herb and concentrate vaporizers from Firefly. Having never used a Firefly before, I was really impressed by the slick, clean, and space-age design the Firefly 2 has. Their website claims that the Firefly 2 is 55% lighter and 33% smaller than the first Firefly, and while I can’t personally attest to that since I didn’t use the first Firefly, I can say that this was a very easy device to carry around.

At around five inches long and an inch thick, the Firefly 2 has a very high-quality feel without being too heavy, and its slim profile makes it a breeze to carry in either my pocket or my backpack with no hassle. The magnetically attached faceplates can also be interchanged with ones in different colors, providing a level of personalization that I appreciate having in a vaporizer.

I was also intrigued by the fact that there are no outward buttons on the Firefly. Instead, there are two finger sensors on each side of the vaporizer by the bowl that indicate when the vaporizer should heat up, and the subtlety of this design choice along with the slim profile and quality build gives the Firefly 2 a very simple yet sophisticated appearance.

Loading and Operating the Firefly 2

firefly 2 portable vaporizer review - loading and operating

Simply put, the Firefly 2 is an awesome piece of technology aimed at making vaping even easier while giving the user incredible control over what they want their vaping experience to be like. For starters, the unibody magnetic faceplate is easily removable yet very strong, making it easy to access the bowl while still feeling like the device is secure. After removal of the faceplate, you can either fill the bowl with your favorite herb or use one of the included concentrate pads to load up your concentrate of choice before setting it into the bowl.

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The people at Firefly were kind enough to send me an invitation to use the app that coincides with controlling the settings for your Firefly 2, and I have to say that I was a bit skeptical at the thought of using an app just to control the settings for my vaporizer. However, that all changed once I saw the amount of options the app gives you in regards to heat settings. The free app that accompanies this vaporizer allows you to not only choose between low and high heat for concentrates, but to be able to use a sliding scale to fine tune the exact temperature you want within a matter of percentage points.

I was really impressed by the level of control the app gave me to create the perfect vaping conditions for me. Some people may not care about having this amount of control, but the capability to is nice to have. I also like that operating the vaporizer through the app allows the Firefly to maintain such a sleek and futuristic look, and the firmware updates that go along with the app will ensure that your vaporizer will be up to date with any new features Firefly may plan on adding in the future.

Vaping Experience

firefly 2 portable vaporizer review - vaping experience

The Firefly 2 provides for an incredibly smooth (almost too smooth) vaping experience, regardless if you happen to be vaping flower or concentrates. Placing either one or both (it depends on how you have your settings) fingers on the side sensors will make the Firefly 2 light up to start heating, a process that only takes a few seconds. After the light turns a solid green, all that’s left to do is inhale to activate the Firefly 2’s convection heating system to vape your flower or concentrate.

I recommend taking long and deep hits with the Firefly 2, as the airflow allows you to take the deepest pulls without feeling any type of burn or heat while inhaling. This is a credit to the Firefly 2’s convection heating system that only heats up your cannabis while you inhale, saving and extending the length of any bowl you pack. The unit is such a finely tuned piece of vaping equipment that there are often moments where it feels like I’m just breathing in regular air, only to blow out a nice shroud of vapor. Don’t expect to consistently blow any huge clouds with this vaporizer, but also don’t worry if you feel like you aren’t getting any vapor as well. After a few deep pulls I was already feeling pretty stoned, but in a way where I felt that I was absorbing everything my cannabis had to offer.

During my vape session, I used the app to crank the temperature either a few points up or down, which allowed me to really taste and experience the full range of my herb. However, one thing that was a bit annoying was that it was often hard for me to see the heat indicator light on the faceplate while I was using the product outside in the daylight, and the incredibly smooth vaping process meant that I often had no idea if my cannabis was heated up fully. Other than that, the Firefly 2 provided possibly the smoothest vaping experience that I’ve had personally, and the convection heating system and precise temperature controls through the app allowed my bowls to last much longer.

Note that this smoothness extends out to vaping concentrates as well; I was still treated to the same flavorful and airy experience using shatter and the provided concentrate pads that are placed in the bowl.

Our Verdict

firefly 2 portable vaporizer review - leafly's verdict

In conclusion, the Firefly 2 is an incredible piece of technology for the portable vaporizer market. From the sleeker and modern design to the use of a finely-tuned app to control an effortlessly smooth vaping experience, the Firefly 2 is on another level compared to most other portable vaporizers on the market. This difference is also reflected in the price, and at $329.95 the Firefly 2 is definitely on the far end of the price spectrum for portable vaporizers.

However, don’t let the price scare you if you are considering picking one of these up. This is a very high-quality piece of technology with a high-quality vaping experience, and the app with firmware updates will ensure that your purchase will be well worth it in the long run.

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that doesn’t come with any frills and allows you to rip big clouds, this may not be the one for you, but if price isn’t a big factor and you’re looking for a high-quality vaporizer that gives you immense control to get every useful bit out of your herb or concentrate, give the Firefly 2 a try.

Have you tried the Firefly 2? If so, leave a review on our Products page!

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