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State of the Leaf: Colorado Bans Co-ops, May Shelter Cannabis From Feds

State of the Leaf is Leafly’s weekly roundup of legalization news from around the nation and the world.

State of the Leaf: Texas Decriminalization Measure Moves Ahead, MMJ Stalls in SC

State of the Leaf is Leafly’s weekly roundup of legalization news from around the nation and the world.

State of the Leaf: Peruvian President Wants to Legalize MMJ

From Arkansas to Guam, stay informed on the cannabis legislation and policy news across the globe.

Florida Officials Clash With Voters Over Medical Cannabis Rules

"Patients, doctors, caregivers and activists all had a unified message which is rare," said Ben Pollara, the campaign manager for United for Care.

Where Are the Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida? We Mapped Them.

We used Florida Department of Health data to map the physicians who can recommend medical marijuana to patients, along with dispensary locations.

Florida Already Undermining Amendment 2, Patient Advocates Say

Florida passed its MMJ amendment with more than 70 percent of the vote. So why are lawmakers trying to meddle with the new law?

What’s Behind All the Delays in Newly Legal States?

Eight states legalized cannabis for medicinal or adult use during the 2016 election, so why are so many states seeing delays in implementation? Let's take a look...

Patient Advocates Say Florida Proposal Would Be Illegal

Officials charged with implementing a new medical marijuana law are ignoring "both the law and the role of the legislature," United for Care campaign manager says.

Florida: Here’s What to Know as Amendment 2 Takes Effect Today

Florida is on track to log more than $1 billion in medical marijuana sales by 2019—and surpass Colorado within four years.

These States and Countries Had the Biggest Cannabis Wins in 2016

2016 has been a rollercoaster, but this year, there was no bigger winner than cannabis.

Trump Anxiety Cancels Florida Expo. Is It a Blip or a Harbinger?

Organizers blame federal uncertainty for a cancelled conference in Florida. Is it a one-off, or a sign of things to come?

State of the Leaf: US Lagging as Mexico and Canada Move to Legalize

Canada and Mexico both took major steps toward of cannabis legalization, but the US is arguably losing ground on the federal level.

State of the Leaf: Minnesota OKs Cannabis to Treat PTSD

This week: Colorado plans crackdown on homegrow, Montana dispensaries could re-open immediately, and California testing rules could change everything.

State of the Leaf: Election Wins Push Texas Toward Reform

Lawmakers in the Lone Star State have introduced six cannabis reform bills, California patients get a tax holiday, and Denver readies for onsite consumption.

The Wait for Medical Cannabis in Florida Could Be a Long One

Orlando officials have already extended the moratorium on cannabis dispensaries by six months, giving commissioners more time to make rules about where the facilities can go.

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