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Florida Attorney Plans Lawsuit to Allow for Smoking of Medical Cannabis

The Florida Legislature's passage of a bill to enact the state's amendment expanding the use of medical marijuana has ended one chapter in the battle.

Florida Governor: ‘I Absolutely Will Sign’ Medical Marijuana Bill

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he “absolutely” intends to sign the medical marijuana bill passed Friday by the state Legislature.

10 Things to Know About Florida’s Medical Marijuana Bill

The Florida Legislature on Friday finally approved a bill establishing a framework for the state's constitutional amendment expanding medical marijuana.

Seminole Leader Jim Billie Joins Florida Cannabis Rush

He practically invented the tribal casino. He led the purchase of the Hard Rock empire. Now he's in the cannabis game.

Florida Legislature Reaches Agreement on Medical Marijuana Bill

Florida legislators agreed Wednesday on a framework for enacting the state's constitutional amendment expanding the use of medical marijuana.

Florida Attorney John Morgan Considering $100M Investment in MMJ

One of the biggest supporters of Florida’s successful push to legalize medicinal marijuana last November is now considering a $100 million investment.

Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Exhibition

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The Florida Legislature’s passage of a bill to enact the state’s constitutional amendment expanding the use of medical marijuana has ended…

Florida Halts Sales of New Cannabis Product

Florida's Department of Health has ordered a Quincy-based dispensary to quit selling a medical cannabis product that could potentially be broken down and made into a substance that can be smoked.

Calls Grow for Florida Special Session on Medical Cannabis

Florida's House Speaker has joined the growing number of those calling for a special legislative session to finalize the state's medical marijuana rules.

Failure of MMJ Bill Rips Apart Florida’s Top Cannabis Team

Amendment 2 funder John Morgan rips political partner Ben Pollara for "betrayal" over the bill's crash and burn.

Up in Smoke: Florida Legislature Can’t Agree on Medical Marijuana

Rules to enact Florida's medical marijuana amendment went up in smoke on Friday after the Legislature failed to pass a bill.

Florida Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Implementation Bill

The Florida Legislature is closer to getting medical marijuana legislation passed as the Senate approved a bill (HB 1397) on Thursday by a 31-7 vote.

Disney Just Banned Cannabis From Disneyland, Disney World

Medical marijuana might have the support of millions of Florida and California, but there are still plenty of places it’s not allowed.

State of the Leaf: California Has New Regs, Arkansas Has Reciprocity, and Florida Allows No Leaf

Meanwhile, in Georgia, Rep. Allen Peake dispenses CBD oil out of his office.

Florida House Makes Progress on Medical Marijuana Bill

Florida continues to make progress with its medical marijuana program, but Amendment 2 supporters say more needs to be done.

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