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Get Beautiful Buds With These Outdoor Cannabis Harvesting Tips

You’ve spent months growing your plants, waiting for those precious nugs to form. But how do you know when to harvest, and what do you need to do it?

Is Wet or Dry Trimming Better for Your Cannabis?

With fall harvest on the horizon, we explore the age-old question: should you trim your buds wet or dry?

Canada’s First Legal Outdoor Grow-Ops Awaiting Licenses

“We were biting our fingernails a bit. You can’t change the season outdoors."

Photos: Cannabis Goes Beyond Organic in California’s Wine Country

San Francisco dispensary SPARC beat back wildfire to go beyond organic in Wine Country.

Meet 2018’s Best Harvest Stash Jar

Mason-re and Curidor collaborate on a new Re:stash jar you label with a Sharpie.

Harvest Season: Life on a Cannabis Farm in Southern Oregon

I visited Phantom Farms in Oregon to see how the team tackles the immense task of harvesting an entire cannabis farm.

5 Washington Products Made From Sustainable Sun-Grown Cannabis

It can be tough to find sustainably grown cannabis products. Lucky for you, we know where to look. Here are 5 Washington products made from sun-grown cannabis.

Top 7 Cannabis Strains of the 2018 Harvest Season

Looking for some exciting new crosses? This season’s harvest did not disappoint! Here are the top cannabis strains of Fall 2018.

Cannabis Harvest in Photos: The 31 Days of #Croptober

Cannabis harvest season is upon us. Charge up your iPhone and make time for #croptober on social media.

What to Do With Cannabis Stalks, Leaves, & Stems From Harvest

Your cannabis stalks, leaves, and roots aren't necessarily destined for a compost bin. Here are a few ways to make use of the entire plant after you've harvested your prized buds.

7 Freshly Harvested Cannabis Strains in Washington State

With harvest season in full swing, we took a look at the bounty of fresh cannabis pulled from Washington's fields.

Cannabis Price Collapse Putting Billions in Consumers’ Pockets

Colorado, Oregon, and California cannabis prices shock tokers and growers alike.

At Harvest Time, Farmers Survey a Changed Emerald Triangle

Millions of pounds of California cannabis comes down amid a year of terrible stress and change.

What Sun-Grown Farms Taught Me About Washington Cannabis

What can an outdoor cannabis farm teach you about your cannabis?

4 Activities That Make Trimming Cannabis More Bearable

Trimming cannabis can be a slog without activities to keep your mind occupied. Here are a few ways to maintain your sanity during long hours of trimming.

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