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Idahoans Flock to Cannabis Shop on Oregon–Idaho Border

Customers from Idaho, where cannabis remains illegal, waited in line for more than three hours to shop at Weedology, a new store near the Oregon–Idaho border.

Idaho Expects a New Governor, but Not a New Cannabis Policy

Three-term Gov. Butch Otter won't run again, but even the Dems in this red state don't see much change coming.

Idaho Town Halts Business Permit Over CBD Oil’s Legality

An Idaho small-business owner is fighting with local officials in the staunchly anti-cannabis state over whether he should be allowed to sell CBD oil.

State of the Leaf: UK Says Goodbye to CBD—for Now

Idaho cannabis advocates look to qualify for next election, Illinois hits sales milestone, and say hello to Alaska's first legal cannabis stores!

Which Illegal States Are the Most Cannabis Curious?

We identify the states that have limited medical marijuana laws or are completely illegal, yet check the Leafly website because they're "cannabis curious."

State of the Leaf: Montana Dispensaries Going Dark, Alaska Considers Punishing Villages, and Jamaica Readies for License Applicants

Major changes are afoot! Here's the cannabis legalization news you need to know.

The Shake: Nancy Reagan RIP, Colorado Cannabis Cup Canceled, Salty Prohibitionist Fails Debate

In today's headlines, a San Diego jury lets a concentrate maker go free, Massachusetts bigwigs come out against legalization, and cannabis trafficking from Mexico continues to decline.

The Shake: How Much Does Your State Suck?

The first cannabis-sponsored pro athlete, a university's obsession with a T-shirt, and lots of confusion over what a tampon is. Catch all the latest cannabis news in The Shake.

What It’s Like to Live in Your Own Illegal Idaho: A Special Report

A simple debate about the pros and cons of legalization fell apart after cannabis opponents dropped out. Then things got even worse.

Polish Rapper-Turned-Politician Introduces Medical Cannabis Bill: The Leafly Roundup

A Polish rapper-turned-politician has introduced a bill for medical marijuana. And based on the polling numbers, it may actually have a chance.

Weekend Weirdness: Men Driving with Illegal Cannabis Call the Cops on…Themselves?

Idaho is one of the most restrictive states in the union for cannabis, a fact two self-proclaimed "dumbasses" must have known as they were driving through it with 20 pounds of product.

Could Canada Usher in a New Era for Cannabis? The Leafly Legalization Roundup

A monumental week for Canada means that the new Prime Minister has got a lot of work ahead of him, but he’s got many backers sending support and advice on legalizing cannabis.

New Idaho Program Will Grant 25 Sick Children Access to CBD Oil

Idaho is cannabis-averse, but that could slowly be changing due to 25 sick children who will participate in a special program that will treat them with CBD oil.

What Are Wisconsin’s Chances of Passing its New Marijuana Legalization Bill? The Leafly Cannabis Legalization Update

Happy 420, everyone! Today is a day to commemorate how far we’ve come in cannabis progress. Stay informed with the latest in cannabis legalization news:

Florida Hopes to Fast-Track Medical Marijuana: The Leafly Cannabis Legalization Update

We're seeing both progress and some roadblocks among the conservative states aiming for medical cannabis. Here’s the latest in marijuana legalization and legislation:

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