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New Study on Cannabis and Autism Supports Parents’ Longtime Claims

Parents of some autistic children have long reported that their kids do better with cannabinoids. A study out of Israel provides new evidence to back up those claims.

A Bud by Any Other Name: Check Out the Israeli Flower That Smells Like Weed

The scent of cannabis permeates Israeli streets. But is it weed that's causing the skunky aroma or another pungent plant in disguise?

Trump Pressured Netanyahu to Stop Israeli Cannabis Exports, Reports Say

Israel was to become the second nation, after Canada, to legally export cannabis. Prime Minister Netanyahu just put that on hold.

Growing Demand Drives Flurry of Aussie–Israeli Cannabis Partnerships

An Israeli company will partner with an Australian one to help boost clinical education opportunities around medical cannabis Down Under.

Cool Canna-Tech From Tel Aviv: Pharma Inhalers and Vibrating Vapes

The CannaTech gathering focused on the intersection of technology, pharma, and cannabis—and offered a peek at the future of cannabis delivery systems.

State of the Leaf: Texas Decriminalization Measure Moves Ahead, MMJ Stalls in SC

State of the Leaf is Leafly’s weekly roundup of legalization news from around the nation and the world.

Hold the Applause: Israel’s Decrim Law Ain’t All That

It's a half-step that has Israeli advocates less than thrilled.

9 Reasons Israel Is the Capital of Cannabis Research

There are at least nine good reasons why the tiny country is filling the void left by other major powers.

Israel’s Military to Relax Stance on Cannabis for Soldiers

The Israeli Defense Force will be easing its penalties against soldiers accused of consuming cannabis while on leave.

Meet Lumir Hanus, Who Discovered the First Endocannabinoid

Leafly spoke with the scientist who first isolated what's sometimes called "the bliss molecule" about the future of cannabis research.

At European Parliament Conference on Medical Cannabis, Ireland Takes Center Stage

One member of European Parliament called for legalization of medical cannabis across the continent.

Israeli Companies Ink Deal to Bring Medical Cannabis Inhaler to Market

The deal marks first time a major pharmaceutical company has agreed to market a medical cannabis device, the product's developer says.

State of the Leaf: Alaska’s First Legal Cannabis Harvest Just Began. It’s Already Stalled.

While campaigns in the U.S. gear up for elections, an Israeli company is developing a cannabis testing system that doesn't destroy samples.

State of the Leaf: Montana Dispensaries Shut Down in Droves

Arizona's adult-use legalization measure qualifies for November ballot, Israel begins clinical autism study, and where are the Nevada prohibitionists?

Can Israel Become the Next Country to Export Medical Cannabis?

In an announcement this week, Israel's health minister said the country could begin shipping exports within two years.

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