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The Shake: Oakland Aids Drug War Victims, Grover Norquist Calls for Cannabis Tax Reform

Portland warns of coming crackdown on cannabis events, NORML is tired of crummy concentrate coverage, and "synthetic marijuana" really stinks.

Colorado’s Smaller Communities Finding Cannabis Costs, Benefits in Uneasy Balance

The prospect of cannabis-tax proceeds has raised spirits in Colorado towns, but small communities are finding costs as well as benefits.

Cannabis Regulation in the Wild West: What We Can Learn From San Jose

How tough is it for cities to craft workable dispensary rules? Consider the conundrum in San Jose, California.

The Shake: Colorado Cops Can’t Keep Up With Cannabis Laws

Louisiana could expand its narrow MMJ law, Colorado sees strong sales in 2016, and does Washington already grow enough cannabis?

The Shake: Hockey Night with Cannabis

Toronto's mayor warns of coming crackdown, cannabis borrows a play from the wine world, and legalization is more popular than both Clinton and Trump.

The Shake: Hemp Convertibles, Debunked DUI Tests, and Loopr’s Denver Debut

Orlando decriminalizes, AAA says driver blood tests are pretty much meaningless, and innovators want to stir up the grinder game.

Hawaii Lawmakers Mull Bill to Clarify Medical Cannabis Rules

With less than a week before Hawaii is scheduled to announce the names of the state's first medical marijuana dispensary owners, lawmakers are considering a bill to clarify gaps in last year's dispensary law.

Alaska Passes Law to Peek into Retailers’ Pasts

The Alaska Legislature passed a bill Friday allowing national criminal history checks on people applying for licenses to open legal marijuana businesses.

The Shake: Cannabis Comes to Koala Country, Seattle Times Rolls Eyes at Regulators

The Mexican Catholic church supports medical use, French politicians are arguing over decriminalization, and a 10-year-old girl moved from Texas to California for medical cannabis.

Washington State Issues Emergency Rules for Cannabis Testing

Facing questions over inconsistency in cannabis testing and fears that some labs have let contaminated cannabis to slip through the cracks, regulators announced emergency rules aimed at raising testing standards.

The Shake: California Could Test Drivers for Cannabis, and Has Vermont Legalization Hit a Wall?

Vermont's thoughtful push to legalize might've just hit a wall, a Washington testing lab is under fire, and a savvy lawyer says California cannabusinesses are missing the boat.

The Shake: DEA Promises Rescheduling Announcement, and Can Cannabis Dull Your Heart Attack?

Federal authorities are set to announce their reschedule decision, yesterday's Senate hearing was a sham, and "Panama Papers" is the smartest cannabis joke this week.

How Brand Licensing Allows Cannabis Companies to Expand Across State Lines

Some of the country's most successful cannabis brands are looking to expand to other states. Here's how they're doing it.

Who Got Medical Licenses in Seattle? You Might Be Surprised

Last week it became clear just how few of Seattle's unlicensed medical dispensaries will survive as the state transitions to a new licensing system.

Getting Licensed in Oregon: Portland Retailer David Alport Tells All

Leafly spoke with a veteran Oregon dispensary owner to see how the state's new licensing process looks from the ground level.

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