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How Cannabis Investors Can Confirm a Business License

Learn about the first alleged fraud involving a cannabis business license, and find steps cannabis investors can take to reduce some of this risk.

Oregon Launches New Cannabis Worker Permit

Beginning in just a few months, every employee of a cannabis company licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission must hold a "Marijuana Workers Permit."

Meet Dusan Dvorak, High Priest of the European Cannabis Church

The story of Dvořák and his longtime fight for more sensible cannabis laws would make for a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

Can Ohio Lawyers Use Medical Marijuana? Nobody Knows

Attorneys want to know whether lawyers can use medical cannabis, own or operate medical cannabis businesses and represent cultivators, processors, dispensaries, patients and caregivers.

Desperation in Washington State Over Medical Dispensary Closures

Patients say the changes will shut down nearby shops, increase the cost of their medicine, and limit access to necessary products.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Europe? Coffeeshops vs. Cannabis Social Clubs

There are two predominant ways cannabis is legally distributed in Europe. Which works best?

Starbuds, One of Colorado’s Biggest Growers, Loses License Over Odor Complaints in Landmark Case

Company owner Brian Ruden said the company plans to appeal the first-of-its-kind decision by the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses.

Ohio MMJ Law’s Focus on Minorities Raises Legal Questions

Part of Ohio's new medical marijuana law that sets aside a piece of the state's budding cannabis business for minorities appears to be unconstitutional, legal experts said.

Special Report: Can L.A.’s Outlaw Delivery Services Survive Long Enough to Become Legal?

If you’re a cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles, you drive around the city these days with a target on your back. That's pushing the businesses even deeper underground.

As Washington Deadline Looms, Cities Warn Unlicensed Cannabis Shops to Close

July 1 marks the date when, after nearly two decades of confusion about the status of medical marijuana, the industry becomes regulated for the first time.

State of the Leaf: Irish Like a Bit o’ Green, and Can Cannabis Save Atlantic City?

Colorado sees record sales, three legalization petitions vie for primacy in Arkansas, and a cannabis advocate in Hawaii makes an unusual argument in court.

Washington State Leaker Says Canna-Data Breach ‘Not What I Was Going For’

Who is 420Leaks founder John Novak, how did he end up with a trove of sensitive data, and what’s he planning to do with it?

Will Starbuds Become Colorado’s First Grow License Loser?

In a case being watched closely by cannabis industry insiders, the fast-growing retailer Starbuds is facing the possible loss of its cultivation license over pungent odors allegedly escaping the indoor grow.

Alaska Cannabis Regulators Award First Licenses

Alaska regulators were applauded Thursday as they approved the first licenses for legal marijuana growing and testing facilities — another milestone for the fledgling industry.

The Shake: Who Was Behind the Toronto Raids? And the Dutch Can’t Handle German Cannabis Demand

Voters weigh in on a controversial California ballot measure, a federal prisoner walks free, and a Colorado bill to require MMJ in schools becomes law.

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