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Which States Are Most Likely to Legalize Cannabis Next?

Here are our predictions for which US states could be the next to legalize cannabis.

State of the Leaf: The Election That Changed America

Eight of nine US states considering cannabis legalization measures passed those laws on Tuesday, ushering in a new chapter for American cannabis.

Ayuh, Maine Just Legalized Cannabis! Now What Happens?

The measure’s passage, now projected by AP and local media, is a huge step in bringing legal cannabis markets to the East Coast. But it won’t happen overnight.

Maine Legalization Race Stays Crazy/Amazing Right to the End

At 3 a.m., the Bangor Daily News called Question 1, adult-use legalization, a winner. But hold on! That wasn't the end of it.

America’s 2016 Cannabis Laws and Legalization State Map

The 2016 election changed the legalization landscape profoundly. Here it is in a snapshot.

Earl Blumenauer Handicaps Tuesday’s ‘Very Consequential’ Legalization Votes

The Oregon congressman, famous for his bow ties and bicycle pins, has long been one of the strongest voices fighting for the end of federal cannabis prohibition.

One Sane Mainer Rides Out the Campaign Madness

Taking heat and opening minds: A Maine street cop-turned-legislator speaks out for regulated legalization. Mark Dion may be Question 1's most persuasive advocate.

Early Voting is Already Happening in Legalizing States

Why wait until Nov. 8? You can vote right now (or very soon) in most of the nine states that have legalization measures on the ballot.

How a Maine Nurse is Leading Cannabis Legalization in the Northeast

Carey Clark, a medical professional for more than 20 years, only recently opened her eyes to the benefits of cannabis legalization. Here is her story.

Maine Postcard: When Advocates Turn On Each Other, It Gets Ugly

United they stand. Divided they squabble, bicker, and fall. It's legalizer vs. legalizer in Maine, Arizona, Arkansas, and other states this season.

9 States to Vote on Expanding Legal Access to Cannabis

Collectively, the ballot measures amount to the closest the U.S. has come to a national referendum on marijuana legalization.

Cannabis Legalization 2016: America Votes

If 2012 was cannabis legalization's breakthrough election, 2016 may prove to be the movement's tipping point.

Is Maine’s Governor Losing His Ever-Lovin’ Mind?

Legalization advocates feared opposition from Maine Gov. Paul LePage might sway undecided voters. Then LePage went LePage, and those fears vanished.

State of the Leaf: With Legalization on Horizon, California Turns to Water Restrictions

Cannabis advocates and opponents are waging campaign battles across the country, Hawaii allows nurses to recommend MMJ, and Maine tables cannabis as a treatment for opioid addiction.

Maine Rejects Petition to OK Medical Cannabis as Opioid Addiction Treatment

The state Department of Health and Human Services says there aren't yet human test studies published that support such treatment.