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The Medical Minute: How Cannabis Could Help Solve the Substance Abuse Epidemic

Entertain the irony of this headline for a moment; you might find yourself surprised by the ways cannabis is helping the substance abuse epidemic.

Is Cannabis Helping Prevent Bladder Cancer?

According to the 2015 report of the California Men’s Health Study, cannabis use was associated with a 45% decreased risk of bladder cancer.

The Medical Minute: These Researchers Are Developing a Weight Loss Medicine with Cannabis

A recent study suggests a mixture of vitamin A and cannabis constituents holds promise as the next solution for obesity.

The Medical Minute: This Study Just Turned the Gateway Drug Theory Upside-Down

New research analyzing substance use trends among U.S. youth found that most drug consumption begins with alcohol, not cannabis.

The Medical Minute: Cannabis Helps Heal Broken Bones, New Study Shows

Thanks to researchers in Tel Aviv, we can add broken bones to the long list of ailments that may just be treatable with cannabis constituents.

The Medical Minute: Is Cannabis an Effective Substitute for Opiate Pain Relievers?

Researchers wanted to find out what effect cannabis use combined with prescribed opiate pain relievers had on patients' chronic pain symptoms, and whether they led to harder drug use.

The Medical Minute: Israeli Study Finds Anti-Cancer Potential in Cannabis

Israeli researchers released preliminary results of a cancer study that found promise in cannabinoids as anti-cancer agents.

The Medical Minute: So the Feds Just Admitted That Cannabis Has Anti-Tumor Properties

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recently revised a publication on medical marijuana with details pertaining to cannabinoids’ therapeutic properties – and one of the benefits they mention is tumor reduction.

The Medical Minute: New Study Looks to Cannabis for Depression Treatment

Cannabis compounds hold promise as a treatment for depression, according to new research from the University of Buffalo’s Institute on Addiction.

Study Finds a Joint a Day for 20 Years Shows No Impact on Lung Health

New research surveying 20 years of data reiterated a conclusion replicated by several other studies: smoking cannabis does not appear to damage the lungs, even with long-term use.

Cannabis Use Associated with Lower Body Mass

According to research, cannabis use is associated with lower body mass indexes. This study adds to a growing body of evidence analyzing cannabis, weight, and blood sugar regulation.

The Medical Minute: Study Finds No Causal Relationship Between Cannabis and Depression

A new meta-analysis from Israeli researchers supports the theory that cannabis use does not cause depression, but is often used in self-medication.

The Medical Minute: Cannabis Smokers’ Lungs Are as Bad as 80-Year Olds’ (No, Not Really)

Recent reports cover a study that analyzed lung concerns in eight hospital patients in Northern Wales. However, a deeper look into the study will paint a very different picture.

The Medical Minute: How Does Cannabis Permanently Impact the Brain?

Is cannabis truly harmless as some advocates purport, or does marijuana induce long-lasting structural changes in the brain that result in a loss of cognitive function?

The Medical Minute: 3 Things We Can Learn From Cannabis, Ebola, and Awkward TV Interviews

Former New Mexico governor and current Cannabis Sativa, Inc. CEO Gary Johnson tested the limits of public skepticism by claiming that cannabis might be an effective treatment for Ebola.

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