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4/20: Leafly’s Live Cannabis Coverage

All-day coverage of 4/20 celebrations, events, political actions, and everything else happening on cannabis's high holiday.

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The Shake: How Much Does Your State Suck?

The first cannabis-sponsored pro athlete, a university's obsession with a T-shirt, and lots of confusion over what a tampon is. Catch all the latest cannabis news in The Shake.

The Shake: How Much Did Stoner Sloth Cost Taxpayers?

Vermont elected officials are hopping on the legalization train, a former U.S. surgeon general like Bernie's cannabis plan, and a new report says the DEA is careless with its drugs. It's the (Friday!) Shake.

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This Proposed Bill Would End Marijuana Prohibition in Texas

Yesterday, Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) filed a bill that would bring an end to cannabis prohibition in Texas by striking all references to marijuana in the state’s statutes.

DEA Warns Against Stoned Bunnies and Utah Medical Marijuana Bill Passes to Senate

DEA special agent Matt Fairbanks presented to Utah’s Senate panel a rather unconventional argument against the implementation of a medical marijuana bill: what about the rabbits?

New Illinois Governor Takes Action for Medical Cannabis

Newly appointed Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced the administration will issue licenses to cannabis growers and dispensaries.

Cannabis News by the Numbers: January 2015 Edition

As momentum for the cannabis industry grows, so do the facts and figures. We're here to break them down for you in our new series, Cannabis by the Numbers!

Iowa Pharmacy Board Recommends Cannabidiol Be Schedule II

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy has recommended Cannabidiol (CBD) be reclassified as Schedule II.