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Uruguay Setting up New Cannabis Shops After Challenge by Banks

Banks are refusing to deal with companies linked to cannabis in order to follow international financial laws that ban receiving money tied to the drug, pharmacists and officials said.

Security Fears Are Holding Back Uruguay’s Cannabis Rollout

Most pharmacists haven't signed on to the country's pioneering cannabis program, citing security concerns and complaining of paperwork, cost increases or opposition from customers.

‘We’re Gonna Poke Everyone With Pitchforks’: Dutch ‘Medical Social Club’ Pushes Limits

The shops give patients access to cannabis oil, a product that's still hard to find despite the Netherlands' famously tolerant stance on cannabis use.

Ohio Scraps Plan for Pharmacy Board to Oversee Medical Cannabis

Lawmakers ditched the scheme Tuesday over concerns the rare setup would create an undue burden on the state.

State of the Leaf: Alaska OKs Cannabis Clubs, and Vancouver Licenses its First Dispensary

It's crunch time in Michigan, a Tennessee politician could face charges for cultivation, and Macedonia will offer cannabis in pharmacies.

German Medical Legalization Would Curb Home Grows, Keep Cannabis in Pharmacies

Without question the new law is a milestone for German patients, but it still leaves out important details, such as by ignoring the need for a wider range of medical strains.