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In Photos: Heylo’s Terpene-Rich Cannabis Extracts

Ever wanted to see how the oil in your vape cartridge is made? Take a peek inside the Heylo's extraction lab and see how they refine their terepene-rich concentrates.

Meet the Makers: Behind the Scenes With Portland’s Cutting-Edge Edibles Producers

Oregon has come into its own as an adult-use market, and cannabusiness is booming. Meet five culinary cannabis experts making outstanding edibles in PDX.

In Photos: Arizona’s First Drive-Thru Dispensary Is an Old Bank

The two-story, 6,500-square-foot shop, which opened Oct. 27, is among the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the nation.

In Photos: Take a Trip Inside a Modern Hydroponics Facility

To share a view of what a modern hydroponics facility looks like, Leafly visited Caliva, a premier cannabis dispensary and cultivation center in San Jose, California.

Spark Up and Check Out These 15 Mind-Blowing Space Images From NASA’s Photo Library

NASA recently made its image and video library open to the public for royalty-free use, so set your responsibilities aside, grab a pre-roll, and spend hours staring at these photos.

Meet the Cutest #DogsofCannabis on the Internet

First used two years ago, the niche #DogsofCannabis hashtag has accumulated some of the cutest pro-cannabis pups on the internet. Meet our favorites.

In Photos: The Evolution of a Tony Greenhand Joint

Tony Greenhand is the world's greatest joint roller. Watch his 2.5-ounce smokable sculpture of Mike Tyson come together in this photo gallery.

10 Cannabis Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017

Browse our list of cannabis-related Instagram accounts to get more images of top growers, beautiful glass, and insightful information into your feed.

In Photos: Inside the Emerald Cup, California’s Largest Harvest Festival

Held in California's iconic Emerald Triangle, the event is a chance for growers to get away from their farms and celebrate the fruits of their labor.

After the Shooting: Christianians Call for Legalization, Stand Up to Gang Violence

In August, Copenhagen's cannabis-friendly Christiania neighborhood was rocked by a shooting. Today, residents say legalization could help end the violence.

These California Politicians Are Emerging as Strong Prop. 64 Supporters

For decades, cannabis was an issue that most elected officials assiduously avoided—unless they were attacking it. In this election, things have changed.

In Photos: California Wildfire Endangers Cannabis Crops

A drought-fueled inferno in California intensified this week, destroying homes and putting hundreds of cannabis plants in jeopardy

In Photos: An Italian Photographer’s Powerful Images Help Patients Share Their Stories

Maria Novella De Luca's stunning photographs of Italian cannabis patients will move you.

In Photos: These ‘Dragon Balls’ Contain 3,000 Grams of Pure Cannabis Oil

Leafly took to X-tracted Labs in Seattle to figure out what these hash oil orbs called "Dragon Balls" are all about.

Sisters of the Valley: Elegant Photos of the ‘Nuns’ That Grow High-CBD Cannabis

Gorgeous photo series highlighting the "Sisters of the Valley," a group of self-described "nuns" in California on a mission to produce high-CBD products for ailing patients.

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