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In Photos: Heylo’s Terpene-Rich Cannabis Extracts

July 6, 2018

There’s a lot to appreciate about Heylo. Their lab is focused on producing full-spectrum, terpene-rich cannabis extracts. They use education and transparency as their guiding principles. Their Pax Era Pods and CCELL cartridges are some of the terpiest, most full-flavored vape cartridges available in Washington. They develop topicals with medical marijuana patients in mind. The business is 100% woman-owned. They even like to open their lab doors for public and industry events that support cannabis education and arts while making an impact with local charities.

The entire Heylo team is friendly, welcoming, and just as eager to share their ideas as they are to share their latest vape cart. So when they invited me inside the lab for a tour, I teamed up with photographer Grant Hindsley to capture their process in action.

Heylo partners exclusively with Clean Green Certified outdoor farms to supply their lab with terpene-rich flower for extraction. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

A glass of filter, full-spectrum CO2 oil settles after the fats and lipids have been completely removed, leaving behind a glassy, translucent oil. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Dutch Treat cartridges are lined up for packaging.

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Rose Palazollo, Heylo’s Operations Manager, loads the extraction column with 5 lbs of starting material. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


A full glass of crude CO2 extract fresh from the extractor. This run features a high-CBD phenotype of Green Crack. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

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The fats, waxes, and lipids from cannabis are filtered and separated during the winterization process. After winterization the natural waxes are salvaged for product development. Heylo’s line of topical products incorporates this by-product as an ingredient and reduces waste. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Dewaxed oil is pumped into the rotovap.

A droplet of ethanol collects on the cold condenser coil as the oil and ethanol separate. The cold coil allows Heylo to recapture the ethanol and reuse it in future refinements. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Raw CO2 extract, also called crude, pours from the nozzle of the collection chamber after the extraction process is complete. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Winterized oil warms up in the rotovap, a rotating heat bath that gently and evenly heats the mixture, allowing the ethanol to evaporate and leave behind only the refined, full-spectrum cannabis oil. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Heylo Founder Laurel “Lo” Friesen is an environmental chemist who worked in gastroenterology before getting started in the cannabis industry. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Heylo specializes in high-terpene extracts in addition to a range of CBD and rare cannabinoid products. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

  • I’m an “old hippy” (will be 70 years old in August 2018) that got my medical marijuana card here in Florida in October of 2017 (also got one earlier in San Francisco while traveling there in may of 2017 but Florida does not have reciprocity with any other states). I actually use THC quite moderately (unlike the days of my youth while in college and for many years after graduation!) and “vape” 87% THC cannabis oil mostly in the evenings–Sativa oils in the early evening and Indica oils later (and sometimes add a 10 mg THC hybrid pill to the mix, early in the evening so that it kicks in when the effects of the vaped cannabis oil is beginning to wear off). Obviously, I could do a LOT more cannabis if I wanted to, but I find that I’m a lot more moderate in my ways now that I’m past middle age, and I’m perfectly happy this way. (I DO have maybe 2-3 ounces of my favorite 12-18 year single malt scotch whisky which I sip over the course of four hours while on cannabis). Sure makes binge watching TV series on Netflix and Hulu much more enjoyable!

    • Hooper

      Same here Lou my dosage has reduced as i’ve gotten older. Only need a little and it covers a lot of areas of relief. Injured badly in an accident some years ago I was, but here in Australia cannabis is still demonised daily while many suffer and die daily. You have a much more Humane system in the USA. To have the options you list would be great. Australia is backwards and cruel. IT hates us.

      • Paul

        I must be doing something wrong, because I’m 63 and keep consuming more and more. It may be because I grow my own and have it around all the time without having to go to the dispensaries and paying a lot of money. I know I would not be able to afford buying as mush I use from the dispensaries.

  • disqus_UQ1kwnz3WM

    Very nice.. here in Florida the products on the market are hevealy limomen or products actually have citrus oil added so those of us with citrus allergies can not use any products in our state. I wish I could start my own company as I would make sure products with potinal allergies would be noted and alternatives available.. I paid $350 to get the medical marijuana card and another $400 for product and devices only to not be able to use them. I spoke with every grower in the state and all varieties have citurs/limemon.. I can say that the real old fashion flower or not genicly altered flowers like afghani, shunk or big bud do not cause an allergic reaction (example of genicly altered flower are gsc or orange crush)

    • Paul

      Rather than start your own company, why not just set up a small grow space and do it yourself? It’s not as hard as you may think. I found everything I needed to get started online and have been growing at home in a converted 12 x 12 storage shed in the back yard. I have been doing it for 7 or 8 years now. You can find recipes for eatables, salves, oils, hash, basically anything. Good luck.