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Australian Report Assesses Diversion for Cannabis Offenses

Have you ever been cautioned or warned for a minor cannabis possession instead of being hauled into court on a formal charge? Chances are that…

NFL Commish Stays Willfully Blind on Medical Cannabis Policy

It appears the NFL would rather continue giving its players addicting and deadly pain killers like Toradol, rather than letting them try medical cannabis.

Federal Report Finds Lowest Teen Cannabis Consumption Rate Since 1993

The results are the latest to refute arguments by cannabis opponents that legalization would lead to a higher rate of use among minors.

Rules Loosened on Utrecht Cannabis Coffeeshops, Part of Growing Push for Dutch Reform

Forty years of cannabis policy in the Netherlands has led to an almost unworkable situation for coffeeshops. In Utrecht, it's getting better.

Dems Move Party Platform a Little Closer to Legalization

The Democratic Party heard the call of its constituents and took an unexpected step in support of cannabis reform, officially endorsing a “reasoned pathway to future legalization."

Blumenauer Tells DNC to Put Some Teeth Into Its Legalization Plank Already

Rep. Blumenauer wants the Dems to add the phrase: "We support ending the failed federal marijuana prohibition.”

The Democratic Party’s Cannabis Position Stinks. Here’s How We’d Change It.

This is a platform that could be vastly improved in two minutes. In fact, we did just that.

Italian Lawmakers Are Debating Cannabis. Will They Legalize It?

A broad coalition of politicians support a new proposal to legalize cannabis, but opposition is fierce.

Which Country Leads Europe in Cannabis Consumption?

Do countries with more restrictive policies have lower rates of use? You might be surprised.

‘We’re Gonna Poke Everyone With Pitchforks’: Dutch ‘Medical Social Club’ Pushes Limits

The shops give patients access to cannabis oil, a product that's still hard to find despite the Netherlands' famously tolerant stance on cannabis use.

Liberal Laws but Hostile Policing for Czech Republic’s Cannabis Community

The Czech Republic's liberal drug policy is widely praised by global reformers, but recent actions by authorities reveal a painful gap between theory and practice.

Berlin’s Cannabis Coffeeshop is Rejected but Inspires German Legalization Movement

The idea is a long way from being realized, but more German cities are joining in and developing their own plans for how to regulate cannabis.

The Shake: Hemp Convertibles, Debunked DUI Tests, and Loopr’s Denver Debut

Orlando decriminalizes, AAA says driver blood tests are pretty much meaningless, and innovators want to stir up the grinder game.

The Atlantic’s ‘Failed’ Legalization Story is a Lie. Here’s Why. 

The headline, "The Failed Promise of Legal Pot," is provocative, clickable, and false to the bone.

White House to Meet Today with D.C. Legalization Advocates

A pair of activists will argue during the meeting on Monday that the Obama administration should remove cannabis from a list of dangerous substances that includes heroin and cocaine.

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