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Across Gender, Race, and Party, More Americans Than Ever Support Cannabis Legalization

A new national poll has found record support for legalizing cannabis in the US and limiting the impact of nonviolent criminal convictions.

Fox News: Support for Cannabis Legalization at Record High

If there’s one cable channel that’s shown it can influence the White House policy agenda, it’s Fox News.

Surprising New Poll Finds Cannabis Stigma Declining

As more US states continue to legalize cannabis—and Canada prepares to end prohibition nationwide—social attitudes are also evolving.

Is GOP Leadership Out of Touch With Voters on Cannabis?

As the White House threatens a crackdown, a new poll shows Republican and Democratic voters agree: Don't tread on state cannabis laws.

Pew Poll: Support for Cannabis Legalization Keeps on Rising

According to the latest survey, 57 percent of American adults now believe cannabis prohibition should end, continuing a long, steady trend toward legalization.

Data Dive: Prop. 64 Poll Reveals Bikers Love Legalization (and Other Curious Trends)

Vegetarian in California? There’s a 2-to-1 chance you’re voting for legalization this election. Voting for Trump? There’s a 2-to-1 chance you’re against it.

Gallup Poll: Cannabis Use Rises Among Adults

More than one in eight adults in the United States — 13 percent — smoke cannabis, according to Gallup. That's almost double the number from three years ago.

Fed Study Finds Medical Marijuana Laws Calm Cannabis Fears

How worried are you about the health risks of occasional cannabis consumption? It probably depends on whether you’ve experienced life in a medical marijuana state.

Republican Voters Favor Cannabis Legalization for the First Time

It's a huge step forward for a party that still officially refuses to acknowledge even the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

The Shake: Rihanna Rents the Entire Floor, Cannabis Outsells Girl Scout Cookies

Infographics! Baked goods! Top-shelf political humor! The Shake today is chock full of good stuff.