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Which Cannabis Terpenes Soothe Insomnia & Where Can You Find Them?

If you’re suffering from insomnia, here’s where to find these cannabis strains filled with terpenes known to be good for sleep.

Which Terpenes Are Found in High-CBD Cannabis Strains?

Looking to learn more about terpenes & CBD? Here’s a look at terpene profiles of popular CBD-dominant cannabis strains.

Terpinolene: The Least-Common Common Terpene

Terpinolene is a lurker. The terpene is often among a strain’s cast of characters, but it's rarely in a leading role.

Cannabis Strains With Rare & Unusual Terpene Profiles

Hunting for some unusual terpenes? Try one of these strains that have some of the less common terpenes found in cannabis.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 55: Talking Terpenes [Reprise]

It's Terpene Week here at Leafly, and we're revisiting one of our favorite episodes—a fantastic conversation with Leafly staff scientist Nick Jikomes about the science of terpenes.

Oregon’s Craft Cannabis Strains, by the Terpene

Craving flavorful cannabis? Take a look at these great craft cannabis strains grown in Oregon, sorted by their top terpenes.

Which Cannabis Terpenes Reduce Anxiety & Where Can You Find Them?

If you’re battling with anxiety & stress, take a look at these cannabis strains filled with flavorful terpenes known to have a relaxing effect.

Beyond THC: It’s Time to Assert the Primacy of Terpenes

When it comes to shaping the cannabis experience, terpenes are just as important as THC. Here's why you should care.

Try These Limonene Cannabis Strains for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Relief

Pick up one of these high-limonene cannabis strains for therapeutic benefits and relief of depression, anxiety, and stress.

The Secret to Unlocking Full Cannabis Flavors and Effects: Boiling Points

Paying attention to boiling points—and hitting them precisely—can bring out understated flavors and effects in your favorite cannabis strain.

Your Favorite Cannabis Strains and Their Main Terpenes

Curious about what terpenes might be in some of your favorite cannabis strains? Here are some popular strains and the beneficial terpenes they contain.

7 Ways Growers Can Increase Terpene Levels in Cannabis

Increasing the levels of terpenes in your cannabis can enhance its flavor & medical effects. Here are some tips to get more terpenes while growing.

Try These β-Caryophyllene Cannabis Strains for Pain & Inflammation Relief

Beta-caryophyllene, a common cannabis terpene, can help you manage pain. Learn more about these high-caryophyllene strains & where you can find them.

To Make Dank Beer, Brewers Forced to Get Creative

CBD extracts are illegal for now, but terpenes toast similarities among cannabis and beer as the craft industry thirsts for new consumers—and eventually THC brews.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 33: Talking Terpenes

What impact do terpenes have on the flavor and effects of cannabis strains? Our product experts and staff scientist break down everything you need to know about these curious compounds.