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Legalization Inundates California’s Cannabis Labs

California cannabis labs are being swamped with samples as new product purity regulations take effect.

What’s Lurking In California Bud?

Cannabis is going from the Dark Ages to Star Trek pretty rapidly these days. Witness California, where on Sunday, July 1, the promise of clean,…

What Are You Smoking? Episode 29: Catching Up on Legal Cannabis in Canada

This week Dave Schmader, Leafly's Senior Editor for Canada, joins Will to share an update on Canadian cannabis legalization. They discuss some of the different ways the Provinces and Territories are preparing for adult-use legalization.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 28: Discussing Dabs With Waken Blake

This week, Will and Blake discuss their love of dabbing and share some things new dabbers should avoid, as well as a few tips to get the best dab possible.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 27: Cannabis Testing With Confidence Analytics

This week, we talk about how cannabis gets tested—and what the people testing it are looking for—with Bobby Hines, co-founder and CTO of cannabis testing lab Confidence Analytics.

Lab Owner to Resign Over Alleged Ties to White Supremacist Groups

Bethany Sherman has defended her pride in being white and said she struggled to find a community where she could unashamedly express it.

Las Vegas Cannabis Lab Suspended

Sometimes it’s not good to be first, and for G3 Labs LLC in Las Vegas, they certainly shouldn’t be happy with being the first to get its license suspended.

Washington Labs Launch Effort to Address Credibility Crisis

In the wake of allegations that Washington's top cannabis lab was inflating THC test results, some labs are taking matters into their own hands to win back public trust.

Cannabis Potency: How Does Lab Testing for THC and CBD Work?

Learn about High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), the most common technique to measure THC and CBD concentrations in cannabis flower.

Maui’s Newly Opened Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Close Temporarily

Less than a week after it opened, Maui's first state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary is reworking its opening hours as demand for its product outstrips supply because of a backlog.

Hawaii Allows First Lab to Begin Testing Medical Marijuana

Hawaii approved its first laboratory to begin testing samples of medical marijuana 17 years after use of the drug was legalized in the state.

Washington’s Top Cannabis Lab Hit With Suspension

Late last week the Liquor and Cannabis Board confirmed that Peak Analytics’ lab certificate was suspended by the Board on July 26th.

Contaminated Cannabis Still Hitting the Shelves in Oregon, Report Finds

For the first few states that legalized adult-use cannabis, the early years have included a lot of learning on the fly in the early days of the industry.

Hawaii Cannabis Patients Wait Through Medical Marijuana Delays

Medical marijuana dispensaries are beginning to open in Hawaii, but they’re not allowed to sell their products.

Leafly Investigation: Is Washington’s Top Cannabis Lab Inflating THC Numbers?

A complaint lodged with state regulators suggests the lab may be exaggerating THC potency—and OKing dirty cannabis—in order to win business.

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