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3CHI delta-8 oil reaches a new standard of purity

Presented By3CHIPublished on May 11, 2023 · Last updated June 27, 2023
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The leading hemp brand’s new delta-8 extract is >99% pure and changing the game.

3CHI is no stranger to industry-leading advancements in the hemp market. The brand was, in fact, the first producer to sell delta-8 products, launching their first line in September 2019.

3CHI is the first to release a delta-8 oil with >99% purity and 100% identified and naturally occurring cannabinoid contents.

3CHI’s entry into delta-8 sales was the first foot forward in what has become a massive hemp-derived cannabinoid boom, with the federal legalization of hemp and hemp-derived products in 2018 acting as the starting gun.

Since the start of the delta-8 craze, 3CHI has been at the forefront of the industry as a standard-bearer. They test and re-test products both internally and with multiple third-party labs to ensure the utmost transparency. They consciously package and promote products to encourage responsible adult usage. They have a NASCAR sponsorship. And they continue to innovate—not simply to find the next, hot cannabinoid to market—but to perfect their flagship offerings.

With the rush to reach national consumers in the newly legal and regulatorily grey hemp market, the industry has been plagued with delta-8 products with questionable purity levels and unknown components.

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3CHI has consistently pushed in the opposite direction, investing in producing the first >90% pure delta-8 oil in 2020, and has now officially introduced into production the first delta-8 oil with >99% purity and 100% identified and naturally occurring cannabinoid contents.

As of spring 2023, 3CHI is incorporating this new, highly pure “Platinum Delta-8 Oil” into its product lines.

The new standard

Courtesy of 3CHI

To make delta-8 oil, producers typically extract CBD from hemp and refine it into an isolate, then synthesize the isolate into delta-8. This process can result in the creation of non-naturally occurring or synthetic cannabinoids, unknown byproducts, and often low delta-8 purity levels.

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3CHI’s new delta-8 oil provides the first known alternative to test with >99% pure delta-8 and everything included in the oil, down to the tracest elements, being naturally occurring cannabinoids.

The wave-making advancement produces an oil that typically tests at around 99.5% delta-8 THC and an ~1% mix of CBN, delta-8-THCB, delta-8-THCV, delta-11-THC, delta-4(8)-iso-THC, and delta-9-THC. 3CHI will launch clinical trials using the oil beginning in 2023.

Standing out from the crowd

Courtesy of 3CHI

It’s difficult to underestimate just how significant this advancement is within the hemp industry. In the current market, many brands use delta-8 oils with less than 85% delta-8 purity, and in some cases, oils test as low as 50% delta-8. Add this to the fact that the rest of that percentage can often contain unidentified components or non-naturally occurring cannabinoids, and you can see why regulatory bodies & consumers alike have concerns about delta-8 products.

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With 100% identified and naturally occurring cannabinoids, plus >99% delta-8 purity, 3CHI’s Platinum Delta-8 Oil is the first oil to thoroughly address those concerns. 

If you’ve been curious about delta-8, but hesitant to dive in due to uncertainties in purity and product contents, 3CHI’s new lineup of delta-8 infused vapes, baked goods, drinks, and concentrates is the perfect place to start. Visit the 3CHI site to shop top hits and new arrivals and to see the lab results for yourself.

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