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Red States Are Embracing Cannabis Legalization, Expanding Access

North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah move ahead while Maine overrides Gov. LePage's veto.

Utah Medical Marijuana Advocates Push Back in Court

Medical marijuana legalization proponents want all of Utah's citizens, not just a single judge, to decide the issue.

Utah Prohibitionists File Hail-Mary Motion to Stop Medical Marijuana Vote

Their campaign to rescind petition signatures didn't work, so opponents took their case to court.

Strange Tactics Emerge in Utah’s Medical Marijuana Legalization Fight

Prohibitionists are already resorting to distortion and confusion—and it's only May.

Utah Officials Frown on New Border-Town Cannabis Store

It's legal to purchase in Dinosaur, CO, but illegal to bring cannabis back to Utah — and the Highway Patrol will be watching.

Utah Governor Says He Will Oppose Medical Marijuana Initiative

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says he will work to oppose a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in the state.

New Marijuana Laws in Utah Won’t Stop Ballot Initiative

One patient advocate said she applauds the state's recent move to regulate the sale of cannabis oils but that most of the legislation is hollow.

Utah OKs Limited Medical Marijuana Law for Terminally Ill

To qualify, patients must have six months or less to live, and doctors would not be allowed to recommend the treatment to more than 25 patients at a time.

Utah Advances Plan to Allow Cannabis for Terminally Ill, Growing For Research

Critics say the piecemeal approach doesn't go far enough.

The Roll-Up #2: Utah Thinks It’s Punny

Did Sen. Orrin Hatch really mean to say "in the weeds" and all that?

Senate Stunner: Orrin Hatch Passionately Defends Medical Marijuana

His new bill pushes research, and his Senate floor speech was a shocking turnabout for a longtime prohibitionist.

All the Cannabis Legalization Measures in Play Right Now

Most of this year’s cannabis-related politicking involves laying the groundwork for 2018, when at least a half-dozen medical and adult-use measures may go up for a vote.

Utah Launches Medical Cannabis Signature Drive

Medical marijuana advocates in Utah plan to launch a signature drive to put MMJ legalization on the ballot in November 2018.

Utah Initiative for Medical Cannabis Moves to Signature Drive

Coalition members say they're done waiting for lawmakers who rejected proposals to pass a broad medical cannabis law three years in a row.

Nearly 3 in 4 Utah Voters Support Medical Marijuana, Survey Finds

The Utah Patients Coalition survey found that of 402 Utah voters polled, 73% support a medical cannabis ballot initiative.

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