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Watch This: Brandi TV Gets High on Edibles and Creates Makeup Costumes

Need your daily dose of internet humor? Watch this episode of Brandi TV, where Brandi gets high and turns herself into Pennywise from IT.

Watch This: High People Try 90s Snacks

This isn’t about watching high people eat snacks. We want to talk about all the snacks they didn’t eat. What’s your favorite 90s munchie?

Watch This: Snoop’s Cannabis Inspired Mt. Rushmore

In this installment of Watch This, find out Snoop's top picks for a weed-inspired Mt. Rushmore and who's the one person to cause him to tap out during a smoke session.

Watch This: Getting Stoned With Seniors in Seattle

Vice's short yet educational documentary follows patients in a nursing home taking a trip to their local cannabis dispensary.

Watch This: Jimmy Kimmel Guesses Who’s ‘Too High’

The late night talk show host recently created a game show where he guesses which contestant is high. Think you could fool him by acting "sober"?

Watch This: Celebrities Keep Educating Conan About Cannabis

Actor Jason Sudeikis stops by to school Conan on the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis, and Jeff Garlin talks about his blissful life as a medical marijuana patient.

What Happened to Leafly’s YouTube Account?

Leafly’s YouTube channel was among dozens recently deleted by the California-based company. We’re currently working with YouTube to restore service as quickly as possible.

Watch This: Cheech & Chong Talk About the First Time They Got High

Reunited for the 40th anniversary of "Up in Smoke," Cheech and Chong get together to reminisce about the first time they tried cannabis and got high.

Watch This: People on Blind Dates Break the Ice With Cannabis

In this video, random strangers go on blind dates and smoke up together before trying to figure out if there’s any chemistry between each other.

Watch This: 10 Problems Only Cannabis Smokers Understand

You know you can relate to at least a few problems from this Buzzfeed list.

6 Hilarious Marijuana Moments on ‘Family Feud’

The latest run of "Family Feud" episodes and their cheeky cannabis references indicates that not only are times a-changing, they could get you to the Fast Money Round.

Watch This: Jimmy Kimmel Markets a New Language Learning Software for Stoners

Apparently "Rosetta Stoned" will help medical marijuana patients master a foreign language, right down to the stereotypical French "hoh hoh hohs."

Watch This: What It’s Like to Be Stoned at the Grocery Store

In this Buzzfeed sketch, two stoned people go grocery shopping, with the video detailing one shopper's inner thoughts of the entire experience.

Watch This: How Your Brain Reacts to Edibles

In this video, a narrator breaks down the ins and outs of what happens to your brain and body when you consume cannabis in edible form.

Watch This: Woody Harrelson Got High to Survive Dinner With Trump

Woody Harrelson stopped by "Real Time With Bill Maher" to share stories of his cannabis-inspired past, including a very memorable dinner with the future president of the United States.

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