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Watch This: Cheech & Chong Talk About the First Time They Got High

April 14, 2018
Up In Smoke is the most important stoner film of all time. Without it, some of your favorites like Friday, Half Baked, How High, or Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle might not even exist. With a budget of $2 million and a box office take of $44.4 million, it changed the game by being the first of its kind to show that stoner films could do big numbers in the theaters.


6 Types of Smokers From the Iconic Scene in ‘Friday’

In honor of its 40th anniversary, Up in Smoke has been re-released on Blu-ray for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve never seen it, it’s time to right that wrong and get real familiar with our grandfathers, Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin.

Step 1: Hit the Up in Smoke Facebook page and buy/watch the film for a smooth $9.99, which is cheaper than that weak-ass salad you had for lunch.

Step 2: Watch this short clip where Cheech and Chong discuss their first times getting high. Chong says he got high and quit school because the plant taught him everything he needed to know, while Cheech talks about first getting high in college and realizing it was the answer to all of the questions that he hadn’t even asked. Enjoy.

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  • Lee Butcher

    “get real familiar with our grandfathers” ??? Hey, bud, not all of us here are sprouts. I was in high school when Up In Smoke came out!

  • Diab

    Didn’t you get the memo? Sprouts (millenials) actually think their opinion means something.
    I was born in ‘73 but still grew up to Cheech an Chong movies and weed has gotten so much more intense than back then, but a few strains.
    Anybody remember old school weed like Maui Wowie, Tai stick and Skunk. Don’t forget Tiger paw!
    They held high THC but no one gave a •••• about genetics or THC /CBD percentages it didn’t matter. What did matter was if it rolled well or if it was too wet or dry.
    Nowadays it’s a circus of wannabe cultivators citing google searches. In the end it’s how you feel after you smoke it.
    That’s what Cheech and Chong was about. Smoking and doing stupid •••t for funs sake.