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WeedAgain - Oakridge

Highly recommend this place . Lots of selections if you're on a budget or wanna splurge..Reasonable prices ,discounts for vets and seniors!

Mandy's Sugar Shack

I went here to get a specific strain they had on sale . When I arrived budtender tells me that the particular strains I wanted were out already. He informed me to call ahead next time to be sure they had what I wanted. I mean did you look at their menu . It's like they have everything. Totally disappointed in that part of the deal.. Budtender did not even suggest something similar. I did make a purchase since I had driven a ways. Can't go in a weed store and not buy weed. Overall lesson learned. Leafy is not always reliable when it comes to what's available out there. Dispensaries are constantly selling weed so sometimes the Good stuff gets gone quick! Best to call ahead if your looking to score your bag. Reminds me of back in da day calling my weed guy. I was looking for Sour Diesal.. No worries found some in Eugene. 3 stars cuz Budtender really didn't give his best, place felt a bit cold. Someone else walked in and budtender didn't acknowledge that person.. Another dispensary right up the road from there much nicer. #NOJudgements

Grape OG

Dabbed this Live Resin concentrate. No pain to speak of at the moment and very tasty terps. Not too sedating .

Green Oaks

First impression was very Good . We stopped after another dispensary was closed. Found this little gem off the road .Even during this Pandemic stuff it's nice to have good medication available. Thanks for treating us right!

Nectar Lime

Smooth tasty. Clear headed with light buzz. Calm n steady high. Loosens body , mood uplifting in my experience. Try it ya might like it!

Hashstoria - Springfield

Cool place . Nice Budtenders. Great selection , though some prices a bit high for the flower. Given that Quality weed is hard to come by .It is worth the weight. Good deals on top shelf oz on Monday!


Smooth tasty mango/ citrus / diseal flavor. Took away pain and aches immediately! Definitely a Relaxing strain. Shout out to HUSH cannibus Bend Oregon

Track Town Collective

This place is always awesome budtenders are there to help get you high! And stay mellow

White Cookies

Loving some White cookies! This strai. takes care od my oain right away . Smoked a couoke of bowls in one of my favorite pipe and it was like oooh. ahhh...niiiice..... mellow jello is what i felt . Smooth Mellow Jello.


this was a vert smooth mellow kinda high. Nice pain reliever