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Curaleaf - Hanover

I was super excited to visit curaleaf for the first time! They carry FPOG, which is one of my favorite strains, but what a disappointment! I purchased 7 cartridges (including FPOG which tasted very artificial, as I've had the actual strain of bud before), an 1/8, and 2 prerolls from them during my visit. After getting home and opening some of them up, I realized most of the cartridges were not even close to full. On the 4th cartridge I opened, I noticed the cartridge was literally only 1/2 full! I wish I could post pictures of it. I have been a medical patient for over 2 years and been to nearly 20 different dispensaries, but I have NEVER seen a 1/2 gram cartridge THAT low before. Upon realizing this, I had my caregiver call to ask what they could do to make the situation right. The staff couldn't have acted like they cared any less. They kept telling us they were "1/2 gram cartridges and that they're never completely full" but 1/2 of a 1/2 gram cartridge is a 1/4 of a gram! I paid for 1/2 a gram, so to only get 1/4 is a rip off! If the staff acted like they genuinely cared that they made a mistake, I would have given a better rating. Mistakes happen, it's how you treat patients that makes or breaks the experience!

Alternative Compassion Services

ACS is my absolute favorite dispensary in MA!!! I've spent thousands of dollars there in the last 2 years and I wouldn't have it any other way! They have the best deals (20% off financial hardship, 3/$150 grams of EHO, birthday deals, etc) but also the best quality of products consistently! Their concentrates, and especially their edibles are the best that I've had from the 30+ dispensaries I've been to. Plus, they make all of their strains in house, so they're very knowledgeable when you have questions about strains, genetics, etc! I have recommended, and will continue to recommend ACS to friends and patients looking for a reliable dispensary!

Sira Naturals - Cambridge (Temporarily Closed)

Their Hurkle shatter is pretty good but it's not my favorite 1:1 at all. I only visit to use up my new patient discounts, and once they're done I'll never be back. The Somerville and Cambridge locations are very difficult to find parking and underneath other businesses, with little lighting which makes them sketchy. Their customer service skills are horrible (the place is empty every time I go so really no excuse for the lack of decency), and their prices are much higher than the dispensaries near me with higher quality products, so I see no reason to come back.

Commonwealth Alternative Care-Taunton (Med)

Unless they can make up for the fact that they lied to me and wasted my time driving there for a $99 ounce sale, when I specifically called to make sure they'd have enough until I got there, I definitely wont be going back there ever again!!! If you dont put a limit on the amount patients can buy, and dont have enough product to even last a whole day of the sale, then at least be honest with me when I call to ask!!! The quality of products has also gone down since the last time I visited, so I definitely wont be wasting anymore money or time on this dispensary!!!!!

Temescal Wellness - Framingham (Medical)

I purchased a blue dream cartridge & a few 1/2 grams of their CBD blue dream shatter (fairly pricey compared to what I usually pay for CBD shatter/cartridges), just to drive the 1 hour and half ride home only to realize the cartridge doesn't work! The blue dream shatter was effective in medicating, but lacked the Blue Dream taste I was really looking forward to, so it was pretty disappointing! When I called to explain my issue with the cartridge not working at all, they told me I could bring it back the next time I visited the store, but they couldn't say if they'd be able to replace it! I've bought carts from many different dispensaries (for MUCH cheaper than theirs) & never had ANY issues with them! I won't be driving another 3+ hours to these guys when I have 20+ options that are closer& less expensive!!!

Sira Naturals - Somerville

Accessibility to this location sucks because there was no parking, and it's in a dark, creepy basement! The staff of all dudes, was a bunch of miserable people who clearly didn't want to be there! Will be trying the Cambridge location next, if it's a similar experience, I definitely wont be returning to Sira Naturals again!!

Northeast Alternatives - Medical

If you're a medical patient, go to Hope Heal Health, Commonwealth, or Nature's Medicine before you waste your time going here! My experience as a medical patient at NEA was by far the worst experience I have ever had at a dispensary! I went there because they had a strain with high CBD content on their Leafly menu (updated that day) but, when I got there they told me they didnt have any left on the medical side that I'd have to get in line again & buy it through recreational and also pay tax! They were very unorganized in the tiny "medical" room, the girl working there had trouble finding the small amount items on the menu they did have left, and the music was SO loud I could barely hear the girl working there talking, which made it extremely difficult to ask questions. Even though I went in with a list of what I wanted, a lot of their menu was crossed out and written all over, so it was hard to find anything else I'd actually want to buy. I left there & went straight to Nature's Medicine!! Never again NEA! Never again!


By far my favorite strain!!! The smell smacks you in the face and the taste is just as fruity as you'd imagine! The best part is FPOG never fails to put me to sleep & relieve my pain! 💜