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Garlic Mints

My Garlic Mint preroll was an intense long lasting experience! Not for the faint hearted!

Bud's Goods & Provisions - Worcester

Came in looking for a three pack of half jays Ace Weiderman brand that I periodically have bought. Budtender with purple hair recommended the Wedding Cake. OMG,I’m a regular user and that .4 grams of a half jay put me into a cannabis realm I’ve rarely been before after 50+ years of usage!

Secret Cookies

I smoked a half gram preroll of this strain from Harbor House Collective and was amazed at how sweet and spicy the jay was. A strong but focused stone ensued. Also the length of the high was much better than average with a nice relaxed feeling produced at the end. A big thumbs up!

Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary - Worcester

I am a bit of a strain junky and gravitate to the half gram preroll and pretty much get high at the exact same time of day. Moreover I smoke about .45 grams of the jay myself regardless of potency. The Chocalate Nightmare I scored at the bud tenders recommendation was, as they say, strong medicine and I have a high tolerance! No paranoia though as I have some tendency towards it with some strains.

Chocolate OG

Very,very powerful medicine. At one point I was in some type of time warp!😀 Not only a smooth smoke but a very powerful pain reliever.

Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Leicester

They grow their own very potent strains. I bought a 5 pack of 0.5 gram prerolls of their Trap Glue. Not the first time with this strain and if you find it in the 22-25% tac range buy it.! It is almost a religious experience!😵‍💫

Mayflower - Worcester

I’m a strain junky of various dispensaries around the Worcester area and the 3 strains I have smoked,white knuckles,nuke ‘em, and ghost train haze of approx. 0.5 grams each time have been very intense cannabis experiences in ther own unique way! Lower prices too!

Purple Pineapple Express

Great taste and smoke. Long lasting high. 0.5 gram pre roll at 26%thc and interestingly over 2%CBGA which seems to really help a bad back

Diem Cannabis - Worcester

I’m a 69 year old 50 plus year cannabis smoker and the Chocolate Orange strain flower that I picked up blew through a high tolerance like a knife through butter. A great staff pick! 😀

Chocolate Oranges

Bought a half gram pre roll and tried to smoke it all.Let me tell you I have a very high tolerance and it absolutely crushed it. Long lasting euphoria. A big time recommendation!