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Smyth Cannabis Co.

I was in and out in less than 2 minutes, I appreciate that.... However I would really appreciate having some sort of security in front of the building... I don't go to your store as often as I was due to being harassed by some garbage waiting for someone in the store.

Sanctuary - Woburn

I'm not sure what the last few reviews were talking about but. The flower is great, although it was a little dry but that can be fixed with a jar and humidity pouch. All of the terps we're there for all the strain's I had tried. The prerolls were great, burned with no boating unlike other dispensaries prerolls. I tried the hash as well, it was a bit pricey but does the job. Parking was easy and depending on the time of day you go, no traffic. I only wish they would have frequent customer discounts or some sort of point system like other dispensaries to keep our costs down, after all this is our medicine.

Alternative Therapies Group (ATG) (Salem - Medical)

I was one of their first patients, and the flower was awesome.. After a while their flower turned to crap. I stopped going. I decided recently to go give them another try, mainly because they now cary the UKU carts. I decided to give the flower another shot and was amazed. Everything tasted as it should, not all the same flat nasty taste. The terps we're all there and that's what it's all about folks, the terps not the THC. And thanks for treating us medical patients like we should be treated, unlike other dispensaries who have recently turned rec. I went on Saturday the past two weeks and waited zero minutes. Keep up the good work

Rev Clinics - Fresh Pond (Medical)

This is in response to your generic response to my last negative review. I talked to the store manager and she did not want to help me in the least. Did not even try to, it was almost like I was a bother to them.. That's why I have never complained about the jelly like substance in the last vape cart I purchased from you guys.

NETA - Brookline (Boston) - Rec

First let me start by saying I have been a medical marijuana patient for 4 years now. I have tried to keep an open mind about this place, but their flower is not very good. My first visit approx. 3 years ago was my best (flower quality).. Since then they have become sub par,putting it nicely,dry,small nuggets, pretty much all the strains taste similar, totally not dispensary quality. I recently took advantage of their $200 coupon for getting my mmj card renewed, which by the way is a great promotion, it's really the only reason I gave them another shot after about 5 dissatisfied visits...I really can't speak about their other products as I only smoke flower...