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Mission Georgetown: Medical Menu

Original customer since they opened here. I will not be going back. They don’t care about their customers and haven’t for a while. My last straw is no discount if you buy an ounce because ounce price is a discount lol. Dumbest thing ever. Go to Maine. Plenty of better dispensaries at half the price. Everyone should boycott here. Enough with their games!

Mission Georgetown: Adult Use Menu

Downhill fast. Given plenty of chances. Now they removed hardship discount. I’ve been a customer since day 1. Can’t stand tiered pricing and can’t stack discounts anymore. Go to Maine and save 50%+

Mayflower Medicinals - Boston

Rude AF getting inside. They’re the only cash only dispensary and dint take debit cards. Decent product but overpriced compared to other local dispensaries with better atmosphere.

Sanctuary - Danvers

Driest weed. Subpar industry standard discounts make this one of the most expensive dispensaries. Ex. You can get same ounce for 240 elsewhere and they charge 300. Everything I’ve bought is so dry it crumbles to dust.

Cannabist Lowell (Adult-Use)

This used to be the best dispensary around. Now you can expect no selection and extremely long lines. Will try back in a few months but every time I go they are always changing something- and not for the better. As others mentioned too the security policies are ridiculous

Commonwealth Alternative Care-Taunton (Med)

Weird place, mediocre quality, and SEVERELY overpriced. Shop elsewhere. Much better dispensaries with WAY better pricing. This place is the top 2 most expensive in the state.