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Dogwalker #4 (AKA The Bizz)

Smooth smoke. Has the Dogwalker scent. This batch was 37.5% THC from Lincoln city collective on the Oregon coast. Nice folks with very good weed. Love the coast dispensaries, this one may be my fave. I had to drive a bit away from the casino, but was not disappointed. Thanks for the good nugs.


This is the best place in Salem hands down. The strains are always in good shape and legit. Clone area is super clean, and within a self-contained grow area. It's a bit out of the way for me, but worth it.

Hi Cascade - Salem

This is an unsolicited review. Many places in town, when you order it feels like a game of trying not to get taken in one way or another. This place has never felt like that, ever. They create relationships and feel they truly want to help in any way they can. Also, meet everyone's price point. This place has been the most consistent with it's hiring practices and staff retention is high at this location. Somebody had to say it. Thanks, guys/girls.

Thunderbird Rose

It has a sweet pungent taste, with a lemon aftertaste. Very enjoyable smoke. Cerebral, Sedating, Functional. It has a steady buzz that could be a daytime thing or night. Functionally stoned sums it up.

Green Cross Cannabis Emporium - South

Honestly, they all started off getting to know the business. This place seems to have a better learning curve to what the public wants. Thank Joel for the quick and painless service. Look forward to seeing you guys again.


Interesting strain to say the least. It is a creeper, very buzzed you do have some focus. Balanced between indica and sativa, almost leaning more to the sativa side.


I am rating the specific strain (GG #4) at Cherry City Compassion in Salem Or. This strain is @28.35% THC, CBD 0.53%. I have a very high tolerance and this specific strain at this dispensary hits much higher to me, more like 32%+. The buds are large, tight and tons of beautiful goodness all over this. Not much is really needed to reach an acceptable level euphoria, yeah it's that f-ing good. Wish I grabbed more than an eigth, cause after people read this it will be gone gone gone lol. Enjoy!

Cherry City Compassion

Okay, let's start off by saying I've been visiting many of the dispensaries in the Salem and Portland area for some time now as a Rec client. Salem has gotten it wrong from the start, it felt more of a money grab than anything else. Now that the dust has settled a bit this dispensary now stands out among many in town. They found a niche between PDX and Salem pricing that doesn't make as much sense to drive to PDX anymore. Well done guys! The flower selection has been very solid as of late.