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Moose and Lobsta

OMG! Don’t let name fool you, The moose and lobster is by far the most amazing strains on the planet. If you enjoy Sativa strains, this strain is it!! UNIQUE… Words can’t do it justice, all I can say is if you see it on a menu. PLZ do yourself a favor and buy it. Euphoric happiness, positive self introspection, basically makes you feel centered, in the moment and grateful to be alive! Lol. Truly! Enjoy..

Big Smooth

Really!!! BLUEBERRY BLUEBERRY BLUEBERRY.. The flavor, smell taste is outstanding but the affects are even more amazing… Fantastic heady high that turns into a comatose awake introspective buzz! Lol. NO COUCHLOCK! Pure mental bliss.,,…Btw, it was Natures heritage bought at Lazy River Pro..

Grape Diamonds

OMG! Straight fire, fast hitting! Very euphoric and psychedelic( if over puff, which I always do!!) I don’t recommend if u have anxiety or paranoia. Natures Heritage Grape Diamonds if you love a powerhouse sativa. Linage is Memberry. Enjoy. If not, More for me. God bless all.

Forbidden Zkittlez

Dude natures heritage strains(all of them) are straight fire and NEVER disappoint. I’m 50 & been puffing a long long time & any time I see NH Flower. I buy it. Cheers to Natures Heritage for making FANTASTIC medicine. Boom!

Smyth Cannabis Co.

Because I’m from NH. I’ve travel to many dispensaries, looking for fresh flower, reasonably priced.I do my due diligence but I have failed more than succeeded on this mission, Until, Smyth Cannabis!! Thank you thank you. My new go to! The prices and flower are unbeatable..$30(including tax) 1/8 super lemon haze & it’s fantastic if your a sativa lover. I also tried a third party bud, high mark provisions pirate milk and it’s FIRE! A must go to folks.

Reverie 73 - Lowell

The only Dispensary in MASSACHUSETTS I’ll shop…. I drive from Derry NH! You must go, if you desire fantastic quality bud at a fantastic price!! They are by far the best dispensary in mass.. I walked out yesterday with 1/2 oz for $122 TOTAL…1/8 sherb head (bountiful farms) lemon jeffery, gelonade (bask) & mimosa (natures heritage).. They are all FIRE & all within 2 months batch date!! I can’t emphasize enough, go & try REVERIE 73! I have never been dissatisfied. RISE & LAZY RIVER are still charging $60 for 1/8..before tax!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! Thank you REVERIE!! I love you guys!

Lemon Skunk

Lemon skunk by Good Chem, Lynn.. I grabbed a 1/8 of the Lemon Skink and as usual, another absolute fire strain, if u like sativas, smells and looks beautiful, my car stunk after opening canister for 2 seconds. Lol. PERFECT, sticky and tacky to touch, perfect cure, harvested 5-8 -22.. Peeps you must venture out… good chem 1/8 lemon skunk 30…must try.. over and out.


No reviews!!?? This Elmar is Straight fire! Good Chemistry gets no love and they have the best bud in Ma., especially when their prices are LOW now bc “inflation relief pricing” oz for 180! Crazy! Thank you Good Chemistry in Lynn Ma

Good Chemistry - Lynn

Today is 6-17-32 Get too Good Chemistry Lynn Ma Their helping out during this gas increase and dropped prices dramatically!!! I got eighth white Durban/ eighth white strawberry diesal -total sixty six!! Absolute fire!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Good Chemistry

Lucky Wookie

Local roots blew me away with the Moose & lobster, fantastic bud!! But now this lucky Wookiee is unreal!! Absolute Gas for the Fire!! Wow.they are killing with some of their strain! Blueberry hash plant, eternal sunshine, moose & loster and now the Lucky Wookie! Thank you thank you.