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Fucking Incredible

This strain is a fast rollercoaster rode of euphoria before it sets you down somewhere in a daze. Reminds me allot of some Alien OG I had only it's better. Top Indica.

Lodi Dodi

Hard hitting euphoric. Eat before you sesh as it can trigger powerful munch.


It's a great sedative for pain! Taste reminded me of cookie and sometimes a bit of grape pez. :0) It has the added bonus of libido+. ;0)

Top Shelf Cannabis

Store is covid ready. Used to be my go to but lately they have become average and the menu is never correct. They did not have Xclusive grams as listed here. They have no other menu. B grade weed is still averagely high.


One of top ten favorite Indicas when it comes to flavor and euphoria. Euphoric strains have been known to trigger Vision on quests I have found in my spiritual journeys with cannabis. I also have issues with nerve twinges in my lower back and find BB good to treat those and manage them.

Green Lady - Lynnwood

Subsequent visits have shown they are covering the 6-8 dollar a gram in flower so to be honest I have to up my review. I really appreciated the 420 sale at the most time of everyone's need and The Purple Pantera is Heavy Metal. Xclusive is my top pick for outdoor mid for the Budgetssuer minded. Covering all bases means saving money for higher grade products which they cover well. They might be putting up with me for some time. Chip aka Warren.

Have a Heart - Bothell

Subsequent visits are sub par because of the lack of product display. Most of the afforable product is shoved in back of the budtender. The only way to browse those products is to wait to be served and the wait can be long since everyone is forced to wait for a budtender to see mid priced products.

Lemonnade - Portland

Lost me as a customer after selling me a 40 dollar bag of sticks, leaves, and migraines for 40 bucks. Check quality before purchase.

The Herbery - Chkalov

Three great quality 1/8ths for around 47 dollars. I came all the way from an unknown shwaggy Oregon location... Evolution flower is a great budget bud. Dry but potent. I cannot get flower this good in Oregon for 15 1/8th.

Cannabis Nation Beaverton (Blooming Deals)

Went in after perusing the online menu for a strain called Jazz that this dispensary says is available for pickup in weights between 1 gram - 1 oz. This is a lie. They don't care about the customer, if they did they would update a menu they say is available for pickup. Their entire menu is a bait and switch and after informing them I was negging them for it they still don't bother to update it four to five hours later and further more didn't even bother to remove samples they didn't have in stock. Blooming Deals is a Blooming Bait and Switch. If you are making that much money you don;'t even bother to update out of stock items I won't bother spending money or sending people to you. I left without buying anything and headed to Magic Castle in Beaverton, they always treat me well and their menu is accurate and fully available for pickup or perusing their accurate online menu to stop by later for accurate pickup.