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Greenlight - Spokane

Went for the April first Friday Phat Panda, Sticky Frog, Dabstract 20% flash sale and it was the final straw in not wanting to continue to shop there. The whole concentrates on sale were made in 2018 and not a word or sign from the store to inform the customers. In the dimly lit store it's hard to see color of products, so you need to have some kind of trust the product is on point and not 16 month old dry goo. It is on the customer to check run dates, but it's definitely on the store to inform the customer the organic product you're buying is over a year old!!!! Goodbye Terps and hello harshness! The prices, and lack of discount days are the primary reason for not shopping there. Most often any item for sale is sold at a lower price somewhere else. Now finding them trying to pass off year old products is the end of my business. A COMPLETE loss of trust on the store. Too many other stores who look out for their customers and don't just see their wallets. Bottom line AVOID shopping here!!!

Alkaloid Cannabis Company

Really a 1st class organization. Kinda a hidden gem being on the northern limits of the metro area. Not only does this place have great products at phenomenal prices, but it's the wonderful customer service that will keep me coming back. They went out of their way to right a completely innocent word mix up on a product and more than made up for it. Plus friendly and knowledgable bud tenders with good honest recommendations.It's worth passing several stores in town to score from this awesome place. Top drawer!!

Piece of Mind Cannabis - North Spokane

Really used to LOVE this place. Used to always have killer deals, and somewhat cheap "everyday" prices. Definitely NOT any longer. It seems like in order for Satori to expand to Spokane south hill, and the west side of the state, they had to pay for it by jacking up prices on the north Spokane store. The price of 1/8's went up a minimum of $5, and concentrate prices are obscene. Really bummed about this new wave of store operations. Oh well, plenty of other stores in Spokane area. With the added bonus of saving 20% compared to this place. Definitely lost this daily toker's business.

The Top Shelf - Spokane

Great little store with friendly and knowledgeable bud tenders and absolute fire for products. It's a long drive for me but worth it for the Wicked Weed products alone. I would visit more if I lived closer.


This particular cut was grown by Billifer's. Bud, 23.4% thc for the Washington state recreational market. The buds were extremely well trimmed and absolutely sugar dusted with tricomes. In short a near perfect looking Indica flower with a wonderful kind of sweet fruit smell when broken up. The high from this gem is pure couch lock at its finest ultimately leading to a sleep that would knock out a tweaking meth head. A tingly body buzz that melts away stress and pain is the main ingredient in a wonderful cannabis experience. Those looking for relief from insomnia or just plain old too much stress will not be disappointed with Afgoo.

Cannabis and Glass - Spokane

Good product. Great prices. Even better people. It doesn't get much better than Cannabis and Glass.

Cherry Pie

This cut was from Bang's in Washington State. There are several growers at the moment in Washington State retail stores, as it seems fairly popular at the moment. The buds are a full of almost yellow hairs that are both visually pleasing and unique, to me at least. The smell is a sweet pugnacious fragrance that is hard to place. I don't get the cherry pie smell or taste but maybe you will. The high was pretty mild to what I expected, that being said it was a great high. I could definitely feel the GDP genetics in the very calming body high. This is a very relaxing strain I would recommend for any time of day but especially if you are looking to unwind from stress.

Mendocino Purps

This cut was from Root Down in Washington State. Called the purps this was my least favorite strain so far in the retail weed market. The only reason I gave it two stars were; one for being legal (low bar I know), two it was a well cured well trimmed bud. Other than that......meh...The smell was near nonexistent of grape and was more stale hey. I ended up smoking near the whole gram package before I felt anything and that was a short lived weak body high that was mildly relaxing. Very disappointed in a strain that has roots in so many other great strains I love.


This cut is from Farmer J's in Washington State. This bud was cured very well and had a nice snap in your hand that released the great unique aroma from Sage. The smell and taste on the exhale is that of woody almost birch and that of well....sage...duh. I have yet to encounter a flower with the same unique great smell. The high from this strain is perfect for daytime use especially for outdoor activities. This is for a couple reasons. First, this strain obviously sativa dominant, is full of creative focus and uplifting effects. Sage also is not a face melter or produce couch lock in anyway. Also what makes it great for the day is it lasts a good 3-4 hours. This is coming from a daily smoker. Makes it nice for public outings. Now while a great sativa, sage also provides a nice chill body high that is very relaxing without the heavy sedating effects.

Exodus Cheese

This cut was provided by Grow ops farms in Washington State. This was also my first time trying this strain. The buds are a beautiful lime kinda green that smell absolutely insane! This is one of if not THE Fruitiest smelling buds I have ever smelled. Smell is kinda like a hybrid between strawberry lemonade and fruit loops. The taste only loses a small amount of poignant smell of fruit. The high lasts a good 3-4 hours, this coming from a daily smoker, and has a great balance of sativa/indica. I would recommend this in any outdoor activities use because it lasts longer than most, or even a night out for not just the prior reason but also because this is a very social bud with absolutely zero paranoia and a great body high.