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Triple M - Mashpee (Medical)

Curbside pickup was very quick and convenient, prices are good (for MA), and the concentrate is of decent quality.

Sira Naturals - Needham

SIRA is by far my favorite of the MA dispensaries I've visited. Their product is phenomenal, the check-in process is quick and painless, and the budtenders are all well educated in the product menu and willing to share advice. Unfortunately, Needham went out of its way to kneecap the dispensaries in its borders with restrictions on sales and other deals, so none of the promotions at the other two SIRA locations will apply here. Don't let this stop you from giving it a shot if this is the location closest to you, because SIRA goes out of its way to provide a good experience.

Temescal Wellness - Framingham (Medical)

Temescal has some of the better concentrates I've tried nearby. Their staff, however, is the most memorable part of my visits. I've interacted with several employees and each has taken the time to listen to my symptoms and concerns and work with me to find the product that's right for me. I greatly appreciate this level of customer service and would recommend Temescal on that alone, especially considering the corporate feel present at many MA dispensaries.

NETA - Brookline (Boston) - Rec

NETA is consistent. Their cartridges are some of the best I've had for distillate, but their flower is just okay. I stopped shopping at NETA after an unfortunate situation with one of their carts. The cart was missing about 1/8th of the 1g product, but the online support dismissed the issue stating that bubbles are to be expected. I've seen my share of bubbles, and that was not a typical one. A few days worth of medication were missing. If you've just picked up or renewed your card NETA is definitely worth a visit for the 200$ discount (50$ of a purchase of 100$). Otherwise, I don't feel good supporting this company.

Cannabist - Boston (Medical)

I made my first visit to Patriot Care today. The paperwork section before entering was a bit more painful than other dispensaries I frequent, but it couldn't have taken more than 5 minutes regardless. I shop primarily for concentrate, but it seems the dispensary is more flower-oriented. I had a few questions at the counter and was looking for some strain recommendations, but I was redirected back to the menu. This is in stark contrast to the budtenders at other locations who are knowledgeable about the products and give meaningful advice. Do some research on your own before showing up. The staff beyond the security guard were all friendly and welcoming, which is always a nice touch.

CommCan, Inc. - Southborough (Medical Only)

Very conveniently located right off Rt. 9, CommCan has definitely become my go-to for a quick pickup near home. I’ve been in several times since I got my card (they were actually my first dispensary too!) and the staff has always been friendly and has helped me with my section each time. Definitely visit if you’ve just gotten your card (for the first time or renewed) because they have discounts for your first month.