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Plantae Bend

Great service and good prices

The Flower Room - Downtown

Great service. Great staff. Solid selection though smaller than some spots. And very fair prices. Just needs a remodel and it's a ten!

Substance - Empire

Not bad, not great, but solid consistency and service.

Cannabis Nation Beaverton (Blooming Deals)

Long lines, lame service. I was given the wrong strain of concentrate and when I opened it at home it's leaked all over and the terps all soaked into the paper. Pretty disappointing.

NW Compassion Medical Center

This place NEVER has the product thy list on their menu OR the prices. They never update anything and when you ask about it they blame leafly. It's leafly fault it hasn't updated. But that's been the story here for years. Kind of funny. But still unprofessional and lazy. Service is always weird and abrasive too.