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Temescal Wellness - Framingham (Medical)

To order with Leafly on Temescal page Simply scroll down to bottom of menu and click on the word Leafly This works I did it! Fantastic Sale Too bad I’m past my limit As a medical patient it seems ridiculous to shut us off from our medicine Ccc fix this! remove limitations for medical please

Sira Naturals - Cambridge (Temporarily Closed)

Chuck OG is fantastic and at a bargain basement price I’m a purist and I don’t like moisture packs because they put a wet blanket on my fire lol I think they hide terpene flavors Chuck needs nothing added he’s a stand alone guy Gsog x mob is very elegant with mad crystals Thank you for the generous discounts, donuts, gift swag bag, smiles Props happy 420 to all!

RISE Dispensaries Amherst (Medical)

Although I have never been there I have purchased the French King (30%) from 3 different dispensaries and it's the best all around bud by far in a jar I hope to come in person someday soon but until then you are the winner of the first-ever Gameshow triple cup award 🏆🏆🏆 I bow to thee oh greatest

Central Ave Compassionate Care (Medical Only)

Sorry man but you charge too much..because you can...sad Reminds of old days of dealers from ny trying to charge wayyyyy to much because it's good So I got French King (excellent work rise) delivered and loved it But then I was depressed because I paid way too much over 4 hondo Poultry military discount.... the lowest Next time got the French King elsewhere for $300 and with excellent military discount it was $250 So up yours at $480! That's right, up urs No rewards at all for delivery to top it off Btw 20% military would help your karma

Temescal Wellness - Hudson (Medical)

Super easy location no line at all and good bud! Temescal has my vote for best dispensary 🏆 Hell yes to Hell's Fire it's F I R E But if you need strong meds try Sour Punch that'll cure what ails you lol

Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Leicester

i've lost a brother to Hodgkins and another didn't live to see legalization Thank you so much for being the first and know that you will be saving many lives and making others more comfortable God bless you and the state of Massachusetts!

Garden Remedies-Newton: Med & Rec

Nothing new here! Same old stuff and parking sucks Thank god Framingham is now open! Sorry guys it was nice but better is better

Sira Naturals - Needham

Excellent location with easy parking and the new sour banana sherbet is awesome If the town of Needham would only allow veterans discount