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Forbins Reserve

Makes me happy to know about Forbins. Was unaware of this place, and due to the recent flooding (July 2023), my regular place is having to remain closed while cleaning up. Discovered Forbins, and I gotta say I now have two regular places. Their prices are some of the lowest (tax is included), and I know they offer a veteran's discount at 10%. Their in-house grown, Pineapple Cream, is my favorite flower I've had in Vermont so far. Aroma to me was like crossing Durban poison with Golden goat, and flavor added on a sweet, floral smoothness. Just delicious! Perfectly flushed - no nutrient flavors at all (pure white ash backs it up). And what a wonderful breakfast! Energetic, but creeps up on you, like hot tea versus coffee. Kept me focused, and inspired/creative (spent 2 hours rearranging and organizing my storage space, something I've put off for way too long). As the effects started to wear off, no lethargy or tiredness came over me. I get why this was an award winner. Well deserved. Great shop. Great staff. Great growers. Great prices. Already recommended, and will continue.

Capital Cannabis Co.

New regular customer here...just have a few things to say... Outstanding. Classy staff. Comfortable vibe. Quality. What I wish Burlington had (CCCBurlington). All♀️owned - big plus. Satori Farms in stock - major big plus. Nothing negative to say. Will recommend to everyone I know.

The Kings of Canna

hands down, the best dispensary in portland! I shop at kings often because they have great product, great prices, and great attitudes. I have never been unhappy with my purchases, and recommend them to everyone I know.

Cannabis Curb - PDX

friendly enough, and some of the men behind the counter are flirty! however, only place I have been to where I cannot get a mixed ounce of the same tier, which will make me not be a regular customer.