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JARS Cannabis - Saugatuck

The people who work at Jars are the reason Jars is my go to. I was clueless about what I wanted and upselling me on stuff I didnt need my budtender mentioned thw pain issue i have is helped a lot by a flower they had on sale fpr $49. Zero commission for her and I felt great after smoking. She also turned me on to a great concentrate deal and I cant thank her enough. I walked in the door lookig for a way to hurt less and walked out being able to walk and do stuff because my pain was so well managed

Yeti OG

This is an amazing pain strain. From the first hit through the muscle melting onset this strain is amazing. The smoke, or in my case the vapor, is very dense, almost foggy. The sensation is similar to ice cream, a very smooth, yet dense, tasty inhale. At first I was worried about the heaviness the strain would bring. I dont have time for couch lock, and the initial creamy smoke plus the diesel flavor is reminiscent of heavy indicas. I was pleasantly surprised to find the strain to be versatile, it let me drift and space out when I wanted, but also picked me up when I needed a lift. Where this strain pulls ahead of most competitors is in body buzz. There was an almost immediate buzzing in my legs, a sign pain relief is close by. As the body high takes over the mind is still fine, and I am able to stretch and exercise when normally the pain is too bad to even move. I used this strain as my go to post surgery and was amazed at how I progressed. The pain relief is strong, like on a par with OG Fire. Where OG FIre is a sure bet for a nap, OG Yeti offers an uplifting quality that lets you enjoy being pain free.

Fire OG

This is some amazing shit. The lemon taste is incredible. Nice kick right out of the gate, and then a heavy sedating / hunger sensation for a couple of hours. One note a little tends to go a long way. This is a strain best sampled when you are on top of your game. I was not, had been burning the candle at both ends for a month or so, then burned a bowl of Fire OG, and was laid out. This effect was likely more due to me than to the strain, but beware, this has couch lock Defcon 4 capabilities. Can't wait to try this strain when work slows down. I hit this around 2 PM on a Saturday, dozed until 5, hit it again, and woke up 15 hours later. This was after three or four 80 hour work weeks and a four hour flight so this is more of a cautionary tale than a representative sample, but I was twice baked.


This is truly an all star pain strain. One of the few strains that provides full body pain relief with adjustable effects. For me indicas are night time only. In fact, I am usually one step further; nighttime after I have absolutely no chance of having to do anything else. This is where Cactus rises above other indicas and hybrids. In fact Cactus shines. If I vape just a couple of long hits I can smoke this in the morning and be creative, alert, personable and on my game. I have had more than one client comment that I seem sharp. If I am in the mood for the vice grip my couch provides, burning a little more leads to a very tranquil yet alert television viewing state. More than once I have figured out the tv show Lost, only to forget the next day. The most important factor in my reviews is pain relief. This is the best pain management strain I have ever felt. I encourage anyone who is hurting to give this a try.