African Reviews

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  • “"African" is being used here as a blanket term for "all African landrace strains." That includes Durban Poison, Malawi Gold, Swazi Gold, Congolese, Kilimanjaro (Kenya landrace), Mozambika, Swazi Redbeard, Ethiopian, Kwazulu (SA), Zamal, Angola Gold, and countless others. Unless you yourself have smoked any of these strains and they were grown and cured properly, you probably don't know what the African continent ha...”

  • “Review for Zamaldelica [Zamal x Golden Tiger (Malawi x Meao Thai)]: This 100% sativa strain is pure adventure fuel! By a long shot, this is the clearest, most uplifting weed I've ever smoked - far more than Durban Poison, Hazes, Kali Mist or any other sativa strains I've tried. It imparts a happy, clear, truly get up and go feel that is perfect for activity and alleviating depression. The buds are thin, wispy, and ai...”

  • “I am a second generation and grew up smoking "Bhangi" as we call it in Swahili and you are spot on! I love my Kenyan bush weed it is everything you said a totally different state of mind and can be a bit overwhelming at times. I am a California Resident now and have been a would love to see more landrace strains. As you said hybrid genetics are making there way to fields across the world everyday and altering natural...”

  • “As mentioned large differance between various African strains, especialy in South Africa. Very very good strains from Swaziland & South Eastern parts. Indica like is also to be had, like some reviews state some of herb to be found is real rubish mostly sativa crap. But some beats the shit out of best strains in US!! Have had in lots o places around the world but still stick to naturl wild 420 from Swaziland area. Hav...”

  • “The high is very tingly and hits harshly. It also doesn't last long. It also makes me extremely sleepy afterwards and leaves and irritating headache that lingers.”

  • “I had some Angola gold. The taste and smell were really good. But the effects were lacking a little. I would chose something else next time.”

  • “BLACK AFRICAN Very heady , damp smallish clusters with yellow tinged crystals Triggers an appetite, and is a good choice to counter nausea-”

  • “The best I will say! No much different from most of strains posted here. But..may you please not underrate it!”