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Blue Mountain Fire Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a strain that stands on it's own. It is a very different up. One that I have found very pleasant. I would describe the up as one that is very mental. You are lost in thoughts. Listening to music with eyes closed is next level using this strain. It starts of very giggly & euphoric and fades into a very lost-in-thoughts type of up. This strain however is very potent and in turn not something I would recomme...”

  • “I loved this beautiful strain. Discovered it the same day I bought Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, the combination was one of those moments that I realised how lucky I was to be alive. The flavour explosion from the two combined. Everyone HAS TO TRY THIS. Beautiful blue weed. 😎😎✌”

  • “I'm giving it 3 stars because I do hope the best for the Marley's but I have to start with it being obviously machine trimmed, so minus crystals that I could see were there at some point. It isn't bad but in the same sense it isn't that great either. I smoke from a Firefly so flavor is tops to me and this one really didn't have anything special in that department. The effect was there it just felt like it could've be...”

  • “Amazing weed. nothing but good things to say about this strain it works amazing for everything! kinda rare though, very worth if you can get your hands on it!”

  • “Focused, alert, extreme munchies”

  • “Uplifting and calming”

  • “pure. dankness”

  • “Zen medical in Canada kind of a budder/cake batter but smells deliciou crazy good and dabs clean with an extremely fast acting uplifting feeling that'll be great for the outings into the public”