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Buddha Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “probably the best strain I ever smoked. I bought some buddha haze at the rotterdammertje in Doetinchem, Netherlands. The smell is fruity and it looks pretty light green with sparkling resin. Although I smoked much tastier strains, the taste was pretty good. The effects blew me away! Very intense sativa, uplifting, happiness and a lot of laughter.”

  • “Pretty good strain. Not necessarily what I was after. Good to get you stoned, but not a good strain for anxiety. I'd say it's a pretty damn good before school strain though.”

  • “Great strain. I didnt have really any symptoms but red eyes. It kept me in a good mood (high af) for a few hours but i was very focused. I would definitely get it again or make it my usual.”

  • “Whoop whoop a new favorite. I am so happy on this bud. Doesn't matter what I'm doing I feel happy and I have a little bit of energy I get the fun giggles and the long conversations that are meaningful. I love this strain it's amazing Buddha Haze all the way!”

  • “Banza doodeira tipico da bahia”

  • “This strain was a real kicker when i smoked on it. I didn't have any pieces at the time so i used an apple which on some occasions will get anyone ripped asf. Well i smoked about .4 of this strain in one sitting because the lighter i had wasnt working which was fine beause i was ripped after that thing kicked in. I had a euphoric high and it was freezing cold outside so i also could barely feel myself. I reccomend th...”

  • “Just like the info blurb says, mango and spice, yum. Very potent Sativa dominant strain, wouldn't want to do anything that requires machines though”

  • “From a vape-pen at 65% THC: Deep, smooth, substantial with vague, 'hazy' sativa effects. Mildly uplifting. Ends up relaxing mind and body significantly but can feel like an introspective downer if you're not in a great mood to begin with; and might take a couple of hours to regain some clarity and direction. Kind of a confusing composition, but might also help to trigger and break through some stuff and see things mo...”