C13 Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “i totally get lost in whatever i'm doing on this. great if you just want to zone out. good for watching family guy. ever better for jerkin off too. lol.”

  • “C141 Haze extract by GoldenXtrX Named C141 Haze (which isn't a strain I can find) is a great product. Potent yet has a very smooth hit. Its light mellow flavor with a hint of lemon and pine is really pleasant to use. The high is strong and long lasting”

  • “seriously the best strain that has replaced my addictive pain meds. Thank you to whoever bred this strain”

  • “I have carpal tunnel most of the I'm in a lot of pain most of the day until I tried the strangers relaxe,don't have the jitters don't feel hungry just feel good that's my opinion.”

  • “Picked up this tonight, very smooth smoke with quick acting buzz. Doesn't last as long as some other strains but still a great way to relax, really noticed a difference in mood within the first few puffs which is nice and (for me) unexpected with hybrids, though it is nothing out of the ordinary. Great for pain relief as well! Scent is woody and sweet with hints of chocolate while still smelling classically dank (th...”

  • “This shit... Crazy... I received an ounce coming from Colorado. When I got it I wasn't impressed, more of disappointed. Bud was compacted (understandable since shipped) but each nice sized nug had 2-5 seeds. I'm think, dang, this stuff will blow. I smoked about .3grams and didn't feel anything and was petty bummed, but as I cleared my bowl and turned around it was like 0 to 100 in seconds and felt like you were going...”

  • “Picked some up from the green solution and its reaaaaallly nice. 20% thc tested”

  • “this have been a grreat kind of weed, i liked to smoke it taste hardly the earth and still you get uplifted and ehporic. indoor is always a good choice”