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Chocolate Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “im high asf rn off this strain!”

  • “This bud will drop kief on the entire surface you break it over. It carries a strong euphoric feel, and promotes movement - a very energetic high. Chocolate Diesel is, by far, my favorite day time medicine.”

  • “It makes my gf speak languages I never knew she knew!”

  • “I have to say after the first joint i made i realized that this strain has a very thick smoke. I about coughed up my lungs! But after getting used to it i realized that i get a very energetic high. I can smoke a bowl and get enough energy to do a few errands. Not my favorite strain but its inexpensive and elevates your mood so i give it a 4 out of 5”

  • “This shit is the bees knees”

  • “🍫🐝 Chocolate Diesel is a wonderful little sativa-dominant hybrid with a killer cerebral blast off. It tastes very smooth and chocolatey with an earthy sweetness. It gives you a great burst of energy followed by a not-too-heavy body relaxation that will leave you fully functioning. I would recommend this strain for anything use for anyone trying to get stuff done without getting too blasted. House of Herbs did a nic...”

  • “Chocolate diesel was way more uplifting than any weed I've ever smoked! It was super fuzzy and made me feel extremely creative. Worth every penny!”

  • “Absolutely great for the daytime! Keeps focused and awake!! One of my new favorites for the morning/day!!!”