Colombian Gold Reviews

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  • “I remember the taste of CG as if it were yesterday and I'm not sure what some of you that describe the taste of it as skunky or piney were smoking or just don't remember the taste but the actual taste and smell of CG was like that of blond Lebanese hash from that era with one hell of a lung expansion that made you cough your ass off! The high was hallucinogenic. It would put this weed today to shame. All the cross br...”

  • “Old timer here. I've had many strains over the years, yes including all the new hybrid stuff. I say this stuff is (was) without question the BEST stuff I ever came across! That said, the folks on here claiming they have had this recently, must have taken a trip to Colombia, because that's the only place the original stuff ever came from. The pics I see of the greenish or dark color buds are NOT the real deal, maybe ...”

  • “Colombian Gold is one of our favorite landrace sativa strains and for good reason. A ingredient in the potent and 'ono (delicious) Skunk #1, Colombian Gold will knock the sweat socks off a skunk and make even a pakalolo pro pass like a punk and datz no junk... Pua Mana 'Ohana has a very special phenotype of Colombian Gold, sourced by Masta Cylinda, and Mother of our Kona Gold hybrid with Colombian Gold: Hawaiian M...”

  • “Shit. I smoke every day and this strain got me high for the first time in a while after two hits.”

  • “i have had the real deal in the late 70's living in fla. no, it looks, tastes, smells, and acts differently today, than the real deal. i dont think todays cg is fake, i think its attributes are changed because of indoor grows, advanced nutes, and the cure. we cannot replicate what nature and old time farmers produced. and the original, had zero skunk smell to it. so if yours smells skunky, maybe it is fake? or maybe...”

  • “You can definitely see the relation to the Skunk strain when you smoke the Columbian Gold. Not as strong as Skunk, but very flavorful & good smoke nonetheless. Vaporized & rolled it up. I would mainly use this strain for smoking, because it does taste good, its potent enough, and their are other varieties that would be better suited for medicine making (tincturing, salves, oil infusions, etc...). Classic Sativa, ...”

  • “I haven't smoked Columbian Gold since the clumpy shoed 👞 days of the 1970s. Back in the day, this bud was abundant in my area. It had stems, seeds, and was red/gold/brown. Not the green bud today. The last lid I bought was $35 oz. And, because it was grown among the coffee beans in Columbia, it had deep, earthy, woody notes. Now, I just smoked the Marley Natural collection, and hey, I'm impressed 😺. This strain is...”

  • “I can't get the new Gold, I live in Washington state. They never heard of Columbian Gold. The original CG tasted like something that was swept out from under the bed. It was one hit stuff though. very enjoyable. It was not skunk at all. I would like to try out the new improved version.”