Cracker Jack Reviews

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Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I was not really sure I liked this one at all, came as recommendation here on leafly based on my favs. It made me really wired, which strong sativas tend to do. I was off the walls with this one. I was talking 200 miles a minutes so I annoyed a few people, sorry.”

  • “Beautiful. Absolutely covered in opaque and amber trichomes and a notably large amount of bright orange to red pistils weaved throught the bud. Smelled fruity, with hints of peach, orange and mango. It smelled so sweet that it could of passed for candy. It didn't taste as good as it smelled but it didn't taste bad either, just more of an earthy taste. Surprisingly smooth for how potent it was. Bud structure was fluf...”

  • “I picked up about a 1/4 of this in Hollywood from 7262 Collective and it was HEAVEN. I highly recommend using it sparingly to maintain its great,cerebral high, because if you smoke it all day you'll get used to its effects and it won't feel so special. But yeah, after maybe 2 or 3 bangs out of my one hitter, I felt like I was on cloud 9 and was incredibly social and euphoric! I liked loading this in the mornings and...”

  • “Best strain for an adventure.”

  • “This is my go to sativa, and overall favorite strain. The smell and flavor are divine, but hard to describe, like citrus rain, and each bud is sticky and covered in trichomes, ruining my grinder. I'm lucky enough to live two miles from Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals, which bred the strain, and I make sure I keep plenty in stock for the rare times they're out.”

  • “My favorite daytime strain so far, which is saying something because I love Sativas and/or Sativa dominant hybrids and have tried quite a few. Love the boost in energy & motivation. And love just the overall mental vibe with CJ which isn't racy/tweaky/over-analytical like some other (cough cough.. Green Crack). IMO obviously. But definitely recommend!”

  • “i be feelin gud denna mug. chickin nuggitz nikka.”

  • “Rating is way too low for such a good strain... maybe someone had adverse response or had a bad grow, This is one of my all time favorites! such an uplifting sativa~”