Dutch Dragon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Dutch Dragon is some of the most amazing marijuana in existence. The high from it is very euphoric, I almost feel like i'm floating. Very good body high. I can't stop smiling. :)”

  • “This is the second straight-up Sativa that I've smoked. It burns like a 5-alarm fire in the back of your throat. Harsh as hell, but that harshness just reminds you that you can't reach weed-Valhalla without experiencing a bit of pain. Very fast-acting stuff. Unlike Strawberry Cough, another Sativa I have tried, this one gives you a head high and a full body high. I have severe chronic lower back pain from two herniat...”

  • “Very good shit. I will now accept that Im a pothead.”

  • “I had this strain when I just started smoking. Plus it was the first time smoking out of a bowl, usually I rolled joints. This hit so hard, so beautiful and dreamy, that the only thing I could do was sit on the floor and listen to music. It had a citrusy flavor for sure. It elevated my mood and gave me a ridiculous amount of creativity. I was not artist, but after sitting I ended up drawing for an hour. Highly recomm...”

  • “Dutch Dragon! Has all the great taste and smell of Dutch Treat with a more sativa effect. Very even, smooth and happy sativa high. A new favorite.”

  • “My day-time strain. Keeps your head clear, and thought processes are hindered very little. Gives you a very nice body, and head stony feeling. Not to strong, but definitely satisfying. I personally haven't noticed any significant negatives to this strain. Besides a pesky cotton mouth, no abnormal effects. Paranoia, head aches, and anxiety are not anything i have noticed, though I do have friends who occasionally com...”

  • “Smoking this stuff makes me feel like I need to consider profound universal knowledge. I find myself listening to books on tape about buddhism, studying martial arts, and staying up late into the night doing sit-ups with this particular Mary. The name is well deserved, for it makes me feel like one of the great chinese masters, for a time. I can empty my mind, and be formless, and shapeless. The Dutch Dragon Must be ...”

  • “super dankkk i realize all mixes with dragon are good even tho they seem to always be on the cheap side at every store i go to but man o man they are amazing for stress and back pain relief and nausea i mean amazing i've had #purpleDragon real good and just got #DutchDragon also good and cheap wonder why are you a grower maybe you know why?”